MacBook Air 13-inch showed some latest built features as iFixit tear it down.

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 The 13-inch MacBook Air 2013 model has been recently announced at the WWDC 2013 keynote speech, has the latest Intel processors. Among them is the Intel i5 and the Intel i7  4th Gen processors which happened to be the fastest in the whole latest Intel series. The MacBook Air 2013 has the enhanced battery life as well as compared to the older version.

One of the most expert in tearing down precious gadgets iFixit has posted their photos of the tear down experience with MacBook Air’s latest edition. The new notebook has a powerful battery of 7,150 mAh which is 7.6V battery as compared to the current MacBook Air which possess a 6,700mAh battery of 7.3V powerpack. With this new inclusion the Apple has promised it’s users to get extra 12 hours of battery life per charge. It may be the addition of the latest 4th-Generation of  Haswell Intel core processors, which has been claimed by the Intel as the most energy processor to date. The less consumption of energy will ensure by these processors will extend the battery life even if the user is busy while playing high-end games or working with deeply detailed graphical softwares.

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The new MacBook Air depends of the latest Flash Storage techniques which is said to be 45% faster than the older version of the notebook. This helps in converting from SATA to PCIe which has been introduced by Samsung in various of its latest Series 7 and 9 notebooks. Furthermore in operation theater of iFixit the tech doctors find the the 13-inch variant of the MacBook Air has a 4GB of RAM and an impressive 256GB of storage. The most interesting thing was the addition of all Samsung components inside the Apple notebook. Because the older Toshiba Hard Drive was bigger and occupied more space than the current Samsung SSD PCIe-based hard drive. 

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The other main changes to this MacBook Air 2013 are the addition of an extra microphone to support background Noise cancellation as this feature is being used in many smartphone now. Beside this the new AirPort card has been enhanced and it now supports the WiFi 802.11 ac frequency.

Nothing new has been found by the iFixit team in their operation of the latest MacBook Air. So we can safely say that users who are interested in buying the new MacBook Air 2013 will benefits from Longer battery life, due to the Haswell processors technology while they can also benefit from the speedy data transfer with the addition of latest Samsung SSD PCIe based hard drive. Thats what we recommend but the Apple’s VP Phil Schiller define it in it’s own words ,

“MacBook Air the industry leader for thin and light notebooks, and now with longer battery life, we’ve set the bar even higher, With faster flash, more powerful graphics and up to 12 hours of battery life, the new MacBook Air packs even more performance into the portable and durable design our customers love.”

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We will ensure a detailed review when we get our hands on this new Gen MacBook Air 2013. Stay tuned and do Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or the Google +.


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