AOL ready to launch Google Readers alternative with it’s own AOL Reader.

Aol Reader, AOL Reader image, AOL Reader new, AOL Reader signup

Google Reader has already announced to shut down all its servers in a week which has been described as a disappointing decision as over 500K users were using this Google service. The users now have been left alone as there is still no alternative service announced by Google yet. But in the meantime AOL seems to be quite ready to adopt Google Readers users with it’s alternative service like Google Reader which is already into the Beta version.

The Landing page of this service with the address has nothing yet but a clear and simple AOL Reader logo including the message that the service will start on the coming Monday, which is the day after tomorrow. According to the developers behind this AOL Reader project, claims that this service will be much more customizable which will allow all its users to adjust the experience to their liking and will allow the RSS Readers to import or export their feeds.

The image that have been shared by the folks at AOL.Reader shows that it will be available across multiple platforms including PC, MAC and for mobile devices running Android or iOS. But still we didn’t find any clue about the Windows version. That could mean a modern day website that can scale itself depending on which browser or device you are using.

Aol Reader, AOL Reader image, AOL Reader new, AOL Reader signup

You can sign in to this site with your Google, Facebook , Twitter or the default AOL account and request for the signup option for this latest AOL Readers service. However the sign up is reported to go live on Monday June 24th.