MultCloud – The best multi cloud account managing app.


Many of us with multiple cloud drives had one problem – to get the data from one cloud drive to another, you had to download the file and upload it again. For big files and people with limited internet access, this can be a real problem. However, there is a solution – MultCloud. After all the positive criticism that I have read about this service, I have decided to try it for myself. There are three possibilities, you can either create a MultCloud account, or login with your Facebook/Google account. For reasons of comfort, I have chosen to login with my Google account.

After your first login, you are redirected to a site where you can click on “Add Cloud Drives”, which opens a page with a great selection of drives to add. After choosing one, you click “Next”, give it a name and enter your login details. This is it, basically, because now your cloud drive is ready for use. For adding more cloud drives, you click on “Add Cloud Drives” and choose another one (even multiple drives from one host are allowed).

The interface is clean and well organised, the handling is similar to the Windows Explorer – open a folder with double-click, select a file with single-click, select multiple files with CTRL or Shift. The only thing you cannot do is copy/cut and paste things per keyboard shortcut (CTRL+X/C/V), which means you have to do it with the right-click context menu. Still, it is very impressive that you can do all this within a browser window without having to download any program to install.

Copying files to another cloud drive is just as easy – you do right-click on your file(s), then “Copy to…” and choose the drive and folder to which you want the files to be copied. With the little tick at “Move” at the bottom, the files are being moved completely to the new destination, without leaving the files in the original place. With the tick at “Multi-Selection”, you can choose to copy the files to more than one destination. Sometimes you have to copy big files from one drive to another. Even this is no problem, as the copying process continues, even when the browser window is closed.

MultCLoud image

The uploading/downloading process is just as easy. To download, you select all the files you want to download and click on the Download button at the top. To upload files, you click the Upload button just beside the Download button and drag all the files into that little window (or you click that little window and the Explorer selector appears).

When writing a review, you should normally also look for something negative to make it look credible. What I was missing was a preview function for pictures. A quick double-click on a picture taught me better. Very surprisingly, MultCloud offers a preview function not only for pictures, but also for documents and PDFs. With a simple double-click, a window with a preview of the corresponding file will be opened.

This leaves me completely blank on negative aspects. From my point of view, there is nothing to criticise. Even the transfer rate from one cloud to another is great – a 6.9MB PDF transferred in literally no time. While most one-cloud solutions cost money, this one is completely free of any payment or annoying ads. I would strongly recommend MultCloud to everyone with multiple cloud drives. Its easy and intuitive handling (and, of course, being free) make it the best one-cloud solution on the internet. You can sign up right now at