How to fix Facebook Connection Error in Subway Surfers All versions.


With the release of the latest version of Subway Surfers many users have been complaining about the Facebook log in issue for the game especially in the latest version of Subway Surfers Las Vegas. Many users using the Modded versions with unlimited coins and keys feature are also facing the same problem.

The whole Facebook Sign in issue was made when Facebook updated it’s apps for Android and iOS with the addition of Facebook Home. The current app has  shown some errors when you try to sign in automatically the app crashes or did not allow you to sign in.

When you try to sign in all you see  is the Facebook window pops up for getting the permission to access your public profile and friend list, Just shown in the above window and when you click OK, a blank screen shows ( shown below) with an empty loading circle icon and than it crashes back to the Game menu suggesting you to try again.

Subway Surfers Facebok Connection Error (1)

However we have the issue solved, all you need is to follow these steps.

How to fix Facebook Connection Error in Subway Surfers All Versions [ Update January 2015]:

This tutorial is made for Android users who have been facing the Facebook Connection issues in Subway Surfers all versions including the latest Subway Surfers v1.33.0 Las Vegas which has been released in January 2015. Subway Surfers Facebok Connection Error (2)

Step 1: Go to Settings > Application Manager Find Official Facebook apps like Facebook, Facebook Home and Facebook Messenger.

Step 2: Uninstall all apps.

Step 3: Select your Subway Surfers game and Uninstall it too.

Step 4: Now get the fresh copy of Subway Surfers Las Vegas from Here. ( Modded Apk with unlimited coins and keys  Here)

Step 5: Install the Game on your device and Run it.

Step 6: On the Home screen of the game go to Friends menu.

Step 7: Sign in to your Facebook manually by writing the Email/ ID and Password.

Step 8: Click sign in. And here you go You are connected with Facebook Successfully 🙂 . You can now see all your friends on the lead board. Start playing and hit some big scores with all unlimited Coins and Keys in the modded version.

Hope you will find this helpful (an appreciation comment is also valued ). If you still receive any error message than feel free to comment below we will be happy to solve it as soon as possible. For more news, reviews, Tips and tricks stay tuned by following us on on TwitterFacebook or  Google+. Keep playing Subway Surfers All Versions with Facebook connection error solved, and share your high scores with your friends.