How to Spy on a WhatsApp Account.


Whatsapp has become one of the top most used apps worldwide. Whatsapp was purchased by facebook consisting of 800 million people. About 90% of the people are using this app throughout the world to connect with loved ones and today we will let you know how to Spy on WhatsApp on someone else. It provides the most captivating features that attract the users. Whatsapp service is available for iOS, android, blackberry and windows phone. It provides effective and instant messaging service and allows you to chat with anyone from your friend list as long as they have internet connection and whatsapp you can also get to know Spy on WhatsApp iPhone, or Spy on WhatsApp Android. The new update also allows the user to make calls. It provides users with various options you can send free unlimited messages you can also share videos, music, images, and links.

Whatsapp also enables the user to share your location with your friends. The emerging trend of whatsapp among people is very common. Now a day’s everyone is addicted to whatsapp. It’s now become a part of everyone’s life and more like oxygen to human body. Users spend hours and hours chatting with friends. Whatsapp has a small security loop hole that allow you to access someone else whatsapp account. But if you want to spy or track someone else account you actually need to tackle victims’ mobile carefully. It’s not full even; you cannot get all the conversations after getting the phone. To do this you need a proper solution.

People have always interest in peeping. They loved to enter into the privacy of other person to check what’s going on in their whatsapp account. After the establishment of whatsapp curiosity of such people is over because whatsapp can easily reveal all the truth. One of the most famous and strong spying software is Spymaster Pro. By using this software you can not only monitor victim’s whatsapp account but you can also track other things. The amazing part of this software is that it keeps your account secret. It works secretly and avoids getting it revealed to anyone, even the victim is unaware. So you can enjoy and track several things after installing the software.

  • WhatsApp group chat
  • WhatsApp chat
  • Shared videos
  • Shared images
  • Shared location
  • Shared audio
  • Whatsapp contacts


Other options to spy on someone else account

1) First of all you need to uninstall your whatsapp from the phone.

2) In order to move further you need to get Media Access Control (MAC) address of the victim

How to find MAC address

  1.   For Android users – Go through Settings – About Phone – Status and Wi-Fi Mac address.
    b.    For iPhone user – Go through Settings – General – About and Wi-Fi address
    c.    For Windows – Go through Settings – About – More Info and Mac Address.
    d.    For Blackberry users – Go through Options – Device – Device & Status Info – WLAN MAC.3)  Now install BusyBox and terminal app on your android phone. After installing follow the instructions for spoofing the MAC given in the link. You will get Spoofed MAC address after going through all the steps.

    4) Now install whatsapp on your android phone. Enter the number of your victim and verify it by giving verification code sent by whatsapp on your victim’s Smartphone. Now you can completely spy on victim’s whatsapp account.