How To Fix iPhone 6S & 6S Plus Stuck in Sign in to iCloud Popup Loop


Most of people think that iPhone is much better then Android and no doubt it is in few ways, but one thing about Apple devices is that they are hundreds of issue which are nothing but headache. Android devices also have issue but there is always a easy way, but when it comes to Apple there is never a easy way. Today we’ll tell you how to fix iPhone 6S stuck in Sign in to iCloud popup loop. First its endless running loop and it won’t let you do anything. We have found to working solution for this, in the following guide we’ll explain you how to fix iPhone stuck in Sign in to iCloud popup loop. Please follow all the steps properly in order to fix the iPhone Stuck in Sign in to iCloud Popup Loop.

How to Fix iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Stuck in Sign in to iCloud Popup Loop:

There are two main reason that can cause this issue, one is after updating your devices this popup appears and second is that you WiFi is not working properly.

Step#1: Open in your browser and login with your current Apple id.

Step#2: Once you are logged in click on edit, in front of “Apple ID and Primary Email Address.”

Step#3: Now change the Apple id to the one which is appearing on the Popup.

Step#4: Once your Apple id is changed, Reset your iPhone.

Step#5: When your iPhone is on popup will appear, login with you current Apple id and click on Ok.

Step#6: Now your phone will be unlocked, go to settings and delete the Apple id.

Step#7: After the Apple id is deleted, add the one you want to.

Solution # 2.

Step#1: First press and hold Home and Power button to hard reset your iPhone.

Step#2: When you device boots up, it will take time to go to iCloud. Go to Settings.

Step#3: Now Tap on WiFi, change to current network and connect you iPhone with a new network.

Step#4: When iCloud Popup show enter your login details. This time you’ll face no issue.

All Done.

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