10 Must-Have Gaming Accessories in 2021

The gaming industry has come a long way. From a decade ago when consoles and PCs were the in-thing, to the modern age of Virtual Reality, the development has been monumental. Thanks to these developments, gaming has been made more convenient, fun, and pleasurable.

If you’re a passionate gamer, you should have the best accessories to enhance your experience. While some accessories allow you to personalize some features, others are designed to improve overall ergonomics. In light of this, the following are some of the gaming accessories you must have in 2021, we have compiled the list from hotrate.com, which is the best gaming gadgets review site.

1. Gaming High-resolution monitor

You can only appreciate a game’s graphics if you have a high-resolution monitor. Such a monitor will give you a larger view of the interface meaning you’ll be able to identify any movement without straining.

According to statistics, these specific monitors are among the most sought-after gaming accessories across the world. One of the best brands in the market today is the ASUS VG245H monitor that comes with a full HD interface. Another popular brand is the 28-inch BenQ monitor that has 4K resolution.

Gaming Accessories

2. Wireless speakers

Getting clear audio while gaming is one of the things that contribute to a great gaming experience. Therefore, it’s important to invest in good-quality speakers if you want to hear game sounds in high definition.

Wireless speakers that use Bluetooth are the in-thing nowadays since they reduce the clutter that comes with wired speakers. One of the best brands available is the Edifier’s R1280DBs gaming speakers that offer bass, tweeter and treble audio settings.

3. Wireless gaming mouse

A wireless gaming mouse is another essential accessory for a passionate gamer. This mouse usually comes with advanced technology, gamer-tested design and response time sensors. This means you can play at faster speeds and carry out commands efficiently. Apart from that, it also comes with better controls than its wired counterpart which means better usability while gaming.

Some of the best brands in the market include the Logitech G203 and the Razer DeathAdder gaming mice.

4. Wireless gaming headset

If you’re playing multiplayer games with your friends, then you’ll need a good means of communicating with them. This is where a wireless gaming headset comes in handy. Such an accessory will offer the best audio clarity which is important for a more pleasurable gaming experience.

Choosing a wireless gaming headset is quite tedious, hence you will need to do thorough research. Nevertheless, some popular brands include HyperX Cloud Fight and VANKYO Wireless Gaming Headset.

5. Headphone stand

A headphone stand is an inexpensive accessory that can come quite handy. Most importantly, it will help to declutter your gaming area so that it becomes more organized. When choosing a headphone stand, you should consider factors such as cost, material and overall design.

Fortunately, there are numerous options in the market which means you’ll be spoilt for choice. Some of the most favourite brands include Bluelounge Posto, Master & Dynamic and Razer Base Station.

6. Wireless one-handed gaming keyboard

The wireless one-handed gaming keyboard otherwise known as a gaming keypad, is an alternative to a conventional keyboard. It is very compact meaning it’s convenient to use and can be moved easily to achieve the most comfortable position.

Additionally, it contains all the buttons you’ll need with some brands even offering scroll wheels for added functionality. In the market, you’ll find popular options such as the Razer Tartarus Pro, GameSir Z1 and the NPET T20.

7. Wireless controller

If you’re an ardent gamer, you know that not every game can be played with a keyboard and mouse. That’s why we recommend the inclusion of a wireless controller into your list of gaming accessories.

A typical controller has two analog sticks, a directional pad and four triggering buttons. It is very convenient especially if you like playing racing games or third-person shooter games. Some favourite brands include the Xbox Core Controller and the SteelSries Nimbus.

8. Blue cut glasses

Gaming isn’t a one-time thing as it takes long to master a specific game. This essentially means if you wish to be a pro, you’ll need to put many hours into practice. Consequently, this will expose you to blue light, which can be harmful to your vision in the long run.

To protect yourself against blue light, it’s advisable to use a pair of blue-cut glasses while gaming. One of the best brands is the Aomaste Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

9. Gaming chair

When playing your favorite games at platincasino.co.uk, you definitely would not want to compromise on comfort. That is why it’s important to invest in a gaming chair. A good gaming chair should have ergonomic features including a high-back cradle to support your body, adjustable armrests and a lumbar pillow.

Although they’re quite expensive, you can shop around and find an affordable chair that will serve you well. Some top gaming chair brands include Blue Whale and Hbada.

10. Gaming desk

A great desk will offer the most satisfying environment while gaming. Apart from that, it will provide plenty of space which can have a significant influence on your experience. When choosing a desk, always ensure it’s built with your needs in mind.

In addition, it should be ergonomically designed to guarantee comfort and aesthetically appealing to blend perfectly with your setup. In the market, you’ll find some popular brands like MOTPK L-Shaped Gaming Desk and Homall Gaming Desk.


The perfect way of improving your gaming is to enhance your setup. Whether you’re playing games as a pastime, or you wish to nurture a career in it, having some useful gaming accessories is very important. After all, you’re looking for the best experience, so you must be ready to invest in it.

The aforementioned are some of the accessories you must have as a gamer in 2021. Other equally important tools include 4K webcam, joystick, Wi-Fi router, gaming mouse charging pad and microphones. Have all these accessories by your side, and you’ll excel in gaming and even turn it into a full-time profession.

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