10 secret ways of becoming famous on Facebook.


Facebook has taken over the real world; quite literally! Come to think of it, most people check on their social feed even before they’ve completely gotten off their beds. Its that insane! The network is fast growing and everyday could be a chance to make yourself known to the world. Come out of your shell and make that world of strangers your home. Here are the most exciting and never-before-told ways of being famous on Facebook:

1- Create a unique profile: And by unique I mean, not fake. Be original. In fact, heighten your originality. Show the world who you really are, and make yourself appear worth knowing.
2- Create your own network: The first step towards achieving that is having an envious list of friends. Interact with the people out there, befriend them and make their friends join the league too. Explore your talents, show them off and gain the appreciation and wonder of your friends. Soon, you’ll be the much-talked-off guy/girl on Facebook.
3-Like, comment, make your presence felt: Nobody much cares for an introvert online. Always be available, like and comment on all feeds, share links and write on walls. Your friends should know you are the one friend they can always fall back on, in this crazy network.

4- Experiment with the ‘about you’: If you have any streak of creativity, apply it here. It’s not about who you really are, but who you think you are. There’s your secret weapon, to win the glory!
5- Put up ravishing ‘dp’s: You might not be the best looking person on earth, you don’t have to be if you can cook some delicious pictures. Your image is the first impression of you. Make it!
6- Popular game challenges: It might seem unusual, but playing and winning those popular games can be another interesting way. Take up challenges, beat your friends at the levels and flaunt your score. Your envious achievements will definitely gain you popularity.

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7- Interesting status updates: Of course, words make masters of men. So why not try them too? Keep your statuses interesting and unusual. Your mastery over words will make you the master of fame.

8- Maintain an exciting record of pages: People will judge by the pages you have liked. So make sure you have something interesting there too. Sharing links, liking exciting pages and maintaining a network of appealing discussions are the ‘must-do’s.

9- Plan events: People are mostly attracted to the wild outgoers. Plan events, join some interesting ones, and of course send requests to your friends to join too. Being active and initiating events means you are a leader. And leaders are generally famous, aren’t they?
10- Vouch for the unlikable: Here’s the best and well, the most difficult step. If you can convince people to take interest in things they wouldn’t have looked at otherwise, you are the hero on Facebook! Promote things, and give them a fascinating edge. Be the creator.

If you have always dreamt of being famous, Facebook makes achieving that fame easier than you thought, and guess what, you don’t need to take a marketing course in melbourne to know how to do it.

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