10 Terrific Photo Slideshow Software for Professional Photographers


If you have taken photos of memorable occasions in your life or of your clients’ birthday parties, weddings, vacations abroad and others, wouldn’t it be good to put them on a slideshow for better presentation?

 A slideshow makes photo viewing more convenient and presentable. If you like to do it more professionally, here are top ten photo slideshow software applications that may help you in your project. The list includes the software that are full featured slide show creators which will help you in preserving your memories in the best multimedia Slideshow presentation. So that you can proudly present them in front of your family and friends.

You can add photos and videos to the time line and these apps will automatically generate a cool slide show for you. So here is our top 10 Photo Slide Show Software for professional photographers.


10. Picasa

Using Picasa, a free photo slideshow software application, you can make use of photos for a wide range of projects.

You can make not only slideshows of photos, but also screensavers, posters, collages and movies out of them. You could then save your projects to DVD. This application has the advantage of ease of use and does not require any skill in photo editing.


9. Movavi

Movavi is a comprehensive application that allows users to make slideshows and movies from pictures, still photos, and images. It has an Audio tab which lets you add a playlist to your slideshow.

You can also make use of its built-in stylish transitions to make a movie-like slideshow. Additionally, movie creation using photos is easy using this application. It has tools that let you select photos, make a story arc, choose the music then add a title to it.

8. Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 5

Another feature-rich application for making slideshows of photos is Nero PhotoShow Deluxe 5. This program has a wide range of slideshow authoring tools for DVD. It allows you to use a maximum of 100 photos in one slideshow.

Using this application, you can easily organize, edit, manage and share your photos. What’s more interesting about it is that when making slideshows, you could add music, clipart, effects, captions and others.

Apart from slideshows, you can also make a photo calendar and screensaver using this premium software. Once your project is done, you have the option to save it to a CD or upload them to the Internet.

7. DVD Slideshow Builder

DVD Slideshow Builder lets you create a DVD slideshow, complete with photos, music and even videos from its database. It has film effect features that will make your slideshow look professional. When your slideshow is done, you can automatically share it on YouTube, Facebook and other sites on the Internet.

One of the notable advantages of this application is its numerous 2D and 3D transition effects including the Ken Burns effect.


6. Animoto

Animoto takes photo slideshow creation to a whole new level. With this premium application, you have access to more than 1,000 licensed tracks for your music. It also enables you to use predesigned styles for video creations as well as logo for the final output. Additionally, you can use this application to make high definition videos.

One drawback though with Animoto is its expensive yearly subscription cost of $249.

5. Kizoa

Kizoa is a slideshow creator, collage maker and video creator in one. The best advantage about this comprehensive software is that you can use it for free.

Using Kizoa, you can make photo slideshows using videos, text, music and effects. It has tools that can enhance your photos such as effects, frames and filters. Also, if you like to make a collage or electronic cards, you can make them easily using its built-in templates.

Once you have already an output, you can share it online and convert it to video then post it in YouTube or burn to DVD.

4. Photosnack

If you are looking for a free photo slideshow software application, then Photosnack might be for you. It is a straightforward application that allows users to make slideshows, videos and collages.

You can use Photosnack to make professional-looking HTML 5 photo slideshows complete with music, which you can later share with others online. It has a huge collection of templates that you can use for making slideshows.

3. Slideroll

Slideroll is another free application for creating professional photo slideshows. With Slideroll, slideshow creation is easy with its drag and drop interface.

Slideroll allows you to make slideshows with zoom, fade and smooth pans. One of its notable features is its Ken Burns effect for creating documentary-style slideshows. You could also add music to your slideshow or turn it into a video to upload on YouTube.


2. Xilisoft

With Xilisoft, you can make dynamic slideshows of photos with professional-looking quality. This program is easy to use and it will let you make customized slideshows complete with music and transition effects. You can even change the display sequence and orientation of your photos.

Xilisoft is also useful for creating photo videos on a wide range of image formats. You could also apply music and effects to videos. You can then instantly preview your output and make any necessary edits easily.

1. PhotoStage Slideshow Software

PhotoStage Slideshow Software has one of the most complete features for photo slideshow making.  It has a simple user interface for creating slideshows with music, narration and video clips. You also have the option to share your work online or save them on DVD or in other devices.

Among the important features of this application are its built-in effects to zoom, fade and crop photos. It also has optimization tools for enhancing your photo and video quality. Not to mention its audio tools which allow you to add video tracks and narration and mix multiple music tracks in one slideshow.


Using the different photo slideshow software applications listed above, professional and even non-professional photographers can now create slideshows with ease. Feel free to share with us your experience in using any of these applications.

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