10 tips to shoot best images and videos with Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge camera.


Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge has recently hit the market and created a new realm of metallic beauty. Samsung Galaxy S7 bold designing steps into the world of metal for its flagships and outperforms most of its rivals in the benchmark. The latest look is more refined. The Galaxy S7’s camera also brings some radical changes with wider aperture and optical image stabilization which makes people anxious to use it. Given below are some discussions about Galaxy S7 camera option settings that will assist you to capture high quality images. So let’s explore it.

Galaxy S7 provides with multiple option settings. The camera software untangles to ease the users to access various settings. The setting options help to take more presentable impressively sharp pictures. Let’s scan the settings.


What settings You should use to get better image results:

1- Picture size: The option is made to choose the resolution of the photo. If you are interested in capturing high quality picture then select high quality but keep one thing in mind that high resolution pictures engage more space.

2- Video size: Video size is also used for adjusting the resolution of your choice. Both Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge can shoot videos up to 4K in resolution at 30 fps but we suggests to use the 1080p Full HD video at 60 frames per seconds and you will feel the difference.



3- Video stabilization: Video stabilization is used to make video more smooth. This option is used for anti-shake of videos. If this option is on it will remove all the blurriness in the video and manage clarity even though the camera is shaking. This has been added to both Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge with the help of OIS lens.

4- Grid lines: Grid lines are basically used for aligning the pictures. It fills the frame in adjusted proportion.

5- Location tag: It is one of the interesting feature that adds the location in the photo using GPS.

6- Voice control: Voice control feature enables the user to capture photos or record videos using the voice command. For instance you have recorded say cheese, hello, and smile or shoot to take a picture. In case you can not push or use the buttons you can speak the commands to get the shoot. This feature has been found quite helpful in group photos with the device on the stand.

7- Review pictures: By making this option “On” it allows the user to review all the captured photos.

8- Reset setting: Reset setting option will reset the camera to by default settings.

How to get most out of Pre Loaded Settings for Main Camera:

There are numerous pre-installed modes available in rear and front cameras which can help to capture high resolution pictures. Following are the modes.

1- Auto:  By using this mode camera will automatically adjust the exposure and color quality.

2- Pro:  The pro mode is used for macro shots. It provides a complete control to create a linear panorama by taking consecutive photos in any direction whether vertical or horizontal.

3- Selective focus:  With the help of this mode focus of the picture can be changed even after it is captured.

4- Virtual shots: This mode allows you to create a 360 or multi-directional views of the object.

5- Slow and fast motion:  Both modes are used to view video in fast or slow motion. Fast motion speed up the playback whereas slow motion can change the whole look of the video. Slow and fast motion data are saved the same way  any other data and can be easily shared to other devices or social networks.


How to get most out of Pre Loaded Settings for Front Camera of S7 & S7 Edge:

1- Wide-selfie: This mode is used to cover large area so that maximum number of people can fit into a single shot.

2- Interval shot:  This mode pick the best shot from the series of click.

3- Virtual shot: This mode is used to give multidimensional view.

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