10 Ways to Beat Online Slot Machine Games.

We all love playing online slot machines – there are loads of reasons we enjoy it. There is only one thing better than simply playing online slots, and that’s winning! It’s all down to chance at the end of the day, but there are certainly ways to be strategic about it. Read on to find out our top 10 ways to beat online slot machine games like Rainbow Cash Pots slot!

Picking the right slot game

Tip 1: Choose a game that is fun for you – studies show that you are much less likely to persevere and ultimately win when you don’t enjoy the theme or game mode. Fun comes first!

Tip 2: Bonus rounds and features are a fantastic way to get more bang for your buck when it comes to slots. Not all games offer them though, so make sure you find one that isn’t just slots, but slots with special features!

Beat Online Slot machine Games

Tip 3: Investigate the RTP percentage of each game you plan on playing. This stands for ‘return to player’ and illustrates the likelihood that you will win some form of payout.

Tip 4: Research, research, research. Don’t jump into an online slot game blind – investigate your game of choice, ask your friends and read reviews.

Tip 5: Don’t just stick to a single slots website – the market is highly competitive these days, and that means that websites are appearing faster than ever. Stay ahead of the curve and keep up to date with the latest games to make sure you’re not missing out!

Money Management

Tip 6:  Make use of no deposit sign-up offers! This is quite literally free money to play slots with for simply signing up to a new website! These are by far our favorite deals – you’re wasting free money if you don’t make use of them!

Tip 7: Find games offering free spins and use them! This will help you stretch your session out longer, increasing your chances of hitting that sweet jackpot!

Tip 8: Set yourself a maximum limit for your expenditure, and stick to it. Studies show that slots fans with money management plans are far more likely to walk away from a slots session with a smile on their face.

Tip 9: Pick a payment method that works for you. With so many options these days, it’s easy to pick the wrong option and this could result in your spending more than you realize.

Tip 10: Finally, when the fun stops, so should the slots. Winning the jackpot is a great feeling but the primary reason we play is for fun. If you feel any negative feelings after your session, it might be time to take a little break.

Smart Slots

Overall, slot machines are ultimately a game of chance, so we can’t control the spins of the reels. However, there is something that you have 100% control over and that is your choices! Pick the right games, the right deals and manage your money efficiently, and you can be sure to know that you are one step closer to beating that slot machine!

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