20 Unique Last Names Starting With A.

A warm welcome to all parents-to-be out there! As the trend in appealing baby names that every parent wants to get on board with, CocoFinder has come up with unique surnames that start with A! 

Are you on a hunt for top-notch baby names? 

Then, you must have searched for hipster names, famous names, and some vintage names too! However, have you ever thought of utilizing a surname as your kiddo’s given name? 

One of the leading things about accounting a surname for your munchkin is that he/she can reminisce about your descendent history. If you are expecting a baby soon, you should start considering a name along with a unique surname! 

Top 20 Unique Last Names Beginning with A

Are you primarily looking for last names that start with A? Here us out! Visit CocoFinder today to check out the enormous list of baby names. 

names start with letter A

Now, get started with our list of top 20 rare surnames:

  • Aalto

The unique surname includes ‘Aalto,’ which is more like a boy’s surname of Finnish and Scandinavian origin that indicates ‘wave.’ Well, being the unique surnames that start with A, every parent has a subtle inclination towards it! 

  • Angelo

A baby is an angel for every parent, and giving him the surname ‘Angelo’ would be a leading choice. It is mainly a boy’s name of Italian origin, where it means ‘messenger or angel.’ This famous old-school Italian name becomes significantly popular because of the singer Adele. 

  • Addison

Our list includes unique surnames that start with A, ‘Addison,’ where it means ‘son of Adam.’ This surname is also popular for baby girls in the USA; therefore, it is a gender-neutral surname. 

  • Arnoux

‘Arnoux’ is one of the premium and unique surnames that start with A, which means ‘eagle or wolf.’ It is a boy’s surname and originated from Germany. Due to its stronger German roots, this surname is widely used as the boy’s surname. 

  • Adler

‘Adler’ is one of the unique surnames that start with A, which means ‘eagle,’ in the case of both boys and girls. The popularity of such a pretty German-Jewish surname is exponentially rising for girls too nowadays. 

  • Abbott

The name ‘Abbott’ has a superior Aramaic origin, which means ‘father.’ This conventionally male surname has recently been used for girls because of its famous similarity to Abby and Abigail. 

  • Arnau

Are you thinking of a unique yet traditional surname? Considering ‘Arnau’ would be a top-notch surname as it originated from Catalan origin. It has a profound meaning of ‘eagle and wald,’ which means to govern. 

  • Abshir

This famous surname ‘Abshir’ was derived from the German ancestry ‘Habicher.’ Its mighty name means someone who trains hawks for hunting. Therefore, your baby boy will love this surname! 

  • Almquist

‘Almquist’ gets enormous appellation to be unique surnames that start with A! It came from Swedish background, and more than 4115 people bear this surname. 

  • Akselrod

‘Akselrod’ means ‘axle wheel.’ It is a pretty notable surname for boys. You must have heard of American Olympic medalist Albert Akselrod.

  • Atherton

The surname ‘Atherton’ possessed powerful British roots and appeared from Lancashire, England. It is more of a popular girl’s surname, which means ‘Aethelhere’s town.’ 

  • Anderson

You must be looking for unisex unique surnames that start with A? None other than ‘Anderson’ will be an incredible choice for you! Such an elegant surname came from the Scandinavian origin, where it means ‘son of Anders.’ 

  • Amaya 

If you belong to Asian Continent, more precisely a Japanese parent-to-be, the name ‘Amaya’ will be an outstanding surname choice for your baby! It originated from Basque, where it means ‘night rain, mother city, or the end.’ 

  • Avery

You must be dreaming of a child who will possess authoritative power. Therefore, no surname except ‘Avery’ will be an exclusive one for her as it has strong English roots. 

  • Auden

The popular and unique surname ‘Auden’ means ‘old friend.’ Your baby will love it when she understands her surname was given after a softly poetic surname, which is associated with an eminent poet W.H. Auden. 

  • Adair

The surname ‘Adair’ has a bit of a unisex approach, and if you use it after your boy’s name, it indicates ‘oak tree ford.’ If it would be more like a girl’s surname, it means ‘shallow place in a river near oaks.’ 

  • Abbey

Are you from a Latin background and looking for a top-notch surname with Latin roots? ‘Abbey’ would be a top-notch consideration for your baby, which means ‘head of the monastery.’ If you have another baby girl named ‘Abigail,’ ‘Abbey’ will be a good match for her newborn sister! 

  • Abelson

If you have a significant inclination towards those unique surnames that start with A, ‘Abelson’ would be a superior combination of American and Jewish form ‘Abel.’ 

It has two special meanings: ‘the noble one’ and ‘the son of Abel.’ Are you willing to gift your kiddo such a pretty surname? None other than ‘Abelson’ will be a worth considering surname! 

  • Abraham

If you are from Hebrew backgrounds, the surname ‘Abraham’ will be a subtle choice for you! Naming your baby boy after ‘Abraham’ will showcase his strong potential as it means ‘the father of a multitude.’ 

  • Aalbers

‘Aalbers’ is a short form of ‘Alberts,’ which means ‘the son of Albert.’ If you belong to Dutch and Danish ancestry, your first preference would be none other than ‘Aalbers.’

Concluding words

These renowned last names are the unique surnames that start with A, which have in-depth meanings in world mythology and traditions such as Latin, Greek, German, Swedish, and English. However, most of them are rationalized derivatives or diminutives of vintage names with a profound sound to them! 

With those top 20 surnames mentioned above in mind, you can provide any of this according to your preference. However, consider any of these names as these are only a few of the top-notch sweet last names that are rising exponentially as first names. Make sure to share with us your preference too! 

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