200GB MicroSD Card released by SanDisk, Costs $399.


The worlds most renowned storage device makers SanDisk has just released yet another unprecedented microSD card which can store data upto 200GB. This new card the SanDisk 200 GB Ultra MicroSDXC UHS-I is one of the premium edition to the whole cast of cards released by the company. Such a huge monster data space to be forced in a tiny package is a treat to have.

But with each passing day more and more smartphone makers are stepping out of the microSD card slot options in their devices, as recently Samsung has ruled out this option in their recent flagship device the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, but fortunately the HTC One M9 still resides the option for their users to use this extra feature in their devices.


This huge storage data MicroSD card may be available in the 2nd Quarter of 2015 and will cost a bit at starting upto $399 when it arrives in the markets near you. But using this card you should have the smartphone that can accept this much storage capabilities as it is important to not that the smartphone you are using supports the SDXC standards. This has been seen that the devices that support MicroSD cards of upto 128 GB would support this card as well. There are reports that these SDXC supported devices may accept cards up to 2TB, but that would take sometime for the companies to release such huge capacity cards.

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