Bank of America 6.6.10 Apk with Fingerprint scanner support.


After the introduction of Apple Pay feature in iOS 9 update, The developers at Android has something to offer for the best banking apps for US citizens. This time the Bank of America 6.6.10 Apk brings some interesting changes in its interface and some features that you might dreamed for the mobile banking. The best feature that this app owns is the ability to cash a check by taking its photo.

This has been regarded as the most important and time consuming feature added in this app. Its quite easier now for the app users to simply place their checks on a bright place and click with their Android device. Using the Bank Of America 6.6.10 Apk camera you can shoot the image and thus you can upload it later. This updated version 6 of the Bank of America apk have fixed all the issues being faced on the previous version of the app.

The image verification process has also been upgraded, even if you don’t have that luxury of light and proper place the image verification process added in this app will easily verify your image if it is the pic of a legit check. In this Bank of America app for Android the developers have added a decimal point to the custom amount field, so you don’t have to insert the cents in your head as you’re typing.

Bank Of America Android App Version 6.0 Makes Cashing Checks Much Easier

The app also has some new features like the request replacement cards, manage an account nicknames, Scheduling and appointment and adding the ability to check your long digit Bank Account number and the Routing Number as previously you have to log on to the Bank of America’s website to get these basic information about your account. The interface of the site has also been changed with respect to the usual slide out menu found in many Google Stock apps as well.

Overall Bank Of America 6.6.10 Apk has made Banking much easier on mobile device. You can download the app either via Google Play Store or downloading the Apk file.

Bank Of America 6.6.10 Apk – Link | Google Play 




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