Top 10 Free Movie Apps for Windows. [Updated October 2017]

Do you want to see your favorite Movies or TV Shows on to your PC or laptop at any time that you want. Or do you want to live stream the TV. To watch some specific news,sports ,entertainment that you wants to watch at any cost at that time. So don’t worry we will be providing you your required Top Free Movie Apps for Windows that will fill your all needs .Now let us show you the best Windows Apps that are the best TV and Movie Apps. Select and install the most easy-to-use Windows movie apps for downloading and watching free hit 1080 HD  movies on Windows 7,8 and 10.

These all apps are also available on the android and iOS Store for the Download. Below is the list of Top 10 movie Apps that can be downloaded on the windows PC or Laptop to download or watch live the streaming on it. We have gathered these apps recently and the list is updated for October 2017.

Meanwhile If you want to access our Free TV streaming apps then don’t forget to get your hands on any one of the listed apps below.

Top 10 Free Movie Apps for Windows:


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Crackles original series are available on this app as well as the series of Sony are  also available on this app .This is a free app and you can watch all the stuff free .But it has Ads that can tease you while watching.

2.Popcorn Time:

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This app will updated regularly to just give you all the content available regarding all Movies,tv series,tv shows their episodes ,you can watch them in HD(including subtitles).You need a descent internet connection and you will be all there.This app is free and worth visiting.

3.Show Box:

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This App is not available on the Window Store but you can also download this from the link given,just follow the procedure given in the link and enjoy the all free tv shows without any subscription charges.Just download and start enjoying your favorite movies or highly anticipated blockbusters.


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This is another App that will provide you something very descent stuff and if i say the best review of all then straight away this would come into the mind. It is the global provider for streaming movies and the television. Its apps are also available on Mac, Android, iOS 7 . Netflix has a subscription service and enables on all devices you just have to pay per month.Also you will get a free monthly trial nowadays.

5.Movies and TV:

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The Service of  Microsoft that can be highly trusted when it comes to watching movies. You can watch Movies in 1080p.Its a paid App that you can purchased from the Window Store. If you rent a movie from Microsoft, in most cases you will have 14 days to start watching the movie. You will get a 24 hour personal window on regular  bases once started.


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You can watch movies trailers, showtimes and stream movies from your movie collection. You can also watch the top searches on box office. Just create the watching list and enjoy.

7.Movie Planet:

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Movie Planet is another windows App which will surely attract the users by its very friendly user interface.Nice designing and interface of the App.Its basically a movie explorer to find all stuff related to the Movies. You can also explore cast or crew members and explore their connections.More then 5000 categorized movies have War, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama, Musicals in short all types o movies are part of it.

8.Free Instant Movie:

From free instant movie App you can free download from the Microsoft store on windows. You can watch movies of your choice in different qualities till the High Quality HD. It has also the Uncut Hollywood movies. This is the totally free App.The Movies are categorized and you can search the movie of your favorite genre.

9.Movie Box:

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Commonly known Hub of entertainment hosting trailers , movies even TV serial not only for the streaming proposes but also having a downloading option. The full package in very good quality. Movie Box is compatible with Windows PC, Mac, iPhone 6/6 Plus/5S, iPad Pro/Air 2, etc.

10.Movie Plus:

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The Movie Plus has some very good stuff regarding movies are part of it. It has all the types of movies like it has the best of classic movies in it. The Blockbuster Classic collection is being searched from this. If you have a Microsoft account, you can create a watching list of the movies  and you can also sync it with all your Windows devices.

That’s all what we have a list of the top 10 free movie Apps for the Windows. The links of the Apps are given in the title of each Movie App,just click on the name of the Movie App and download the Apps from the store. These are all the most updated and top 10 movie Apps. Enjoy watching!