3 Apps That Enhance Your Google Calendar.


We all know that Google’s free calendar is the best tool available to enhance and organize your life online. But the best thing is that you can get even more out of this service if you use some helpful apps alongside the calendar. So we have listed 3 apps that will enhance your Google Calendar and will make you make some quick moves to get most out of this free calendar service.

I’ve been an avid user of all things Google for a few years now, and I’m fully reliant upon Google Calendar for my scheduling needs. Below are a list of three apps that I’ve found have greatly enhanced my Google Calendar, and I think they can help you too:

1) Followup.cc

Followup.cc is a service accessed via email that reminds you to set reminders and “follow-up” with an email.

It integrates with your calendar so you can view your upcoming follow-ups visually. Follow-up.cc works by sending an email with a specific timeframe in the email address. For example, by forwarding the email to 1day@followup.cc, you will get a reminder to follow-up in exactly one day.

I have found this to be particularly useful in a variety of instances, yet I find I use it most after meeting someone for the first time.

Once I meet someone, I’ll send them a short “it was nice to meet you”, email with a BCC of 3days@followup.cc. This will remind me to follow-up with them in 3 days, but the best part is that they aren’t aware that I’m using it (hence the BCC).

Not only can it be used for emails that you send out, but also for emails that are sitting in your inbox. Don’t need to look at a specific email right now? Send a follow-up, archive it, and it will come back to you in that same thread once the follow-up is ready. Check it out, see how you can use it to enhance your google calendar.


IFTTT (It’s an acronym that stands for If This, Then That) is also focused on connecting and automating the internet. Users have the ability to create, share, and browse, IFTTT “recipes”.

Recipes are integrations that other users have created and think could be useful to others. They’ve shared them on the IFTTT network and are able to be viewed publicly. If one strikes your fancy, go ahead and set it up and try it out. I found one recently that enabled me to save any tweet I favorite to my Evernote folder. To me, this operates as a “must-read” folder, where I will favorite articles and posts that I intend to read but can’t read at the moment.

Everybody can find different uses and ways to connect their various apps, but IFTTT has a wealth of recipes waiting to be used, so feel free to go browse around and see what it can do for you.


3) Super.cc:

Super.cc is a tool that can process conversational text via email and create google calendar events. I can forward an email with a date and time into add@super.cc or I can create events myself. For example:

Subject: Lunch w/ Team

Body: Tomorrow 2pm @ Starbucks East Village NYC

The subject line becomes the event title, and the details in the email body are parsed and processed. Place an @ symbol before an address or name of a restaurant and Super.cc will grab the exact location.

A nifty feature of Super.cc enables the user to send calendar invitations to events that are automatically created. Just CC the other person’s email address in the email that you forward to add@super.cc and they’ll receive a calendar invitation to the event that is automatically created.

It’s free to sign up and get started. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Nathan H. Rubin is the Head of People Operations and Lead Content Creator at Super.cc and currently resides in New York City. You can find him blogging at the Super.cc Blog or on Twitter where he tweets about personal development, productivity, Life-Hacks, and technology.

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