Get 36 TB (TeraByte) Free Cloud Storage now On Qihoo 360 Yunpan

Today we are here to let you know how to get 36 TB (TeraByte) Free Cloud Storage by taking the services of an online Chinese Cloud Storage platform known as Qihoo 360 Yunpan. Qihoo is one of the most successful chinese company which is famous for its Antivirus but now they had introduce a 36TB of cloud storage for free on the Qihoo 360 Cloud Drive.Which is the most free  cloud storage drive so far.They also have a well known web browser so they are not new in this but they can be trusted by their previous record.One thing that you have to kept in mind while getting this storage that you should use Google Chrome or use Google translator but we will also try our level best to make you understand the whole steps that their wouldn’t be any usage of the Chrome or translator.But who thinks about language when  they are offering you 36TB of free storage.

How To Get 36 TB Cloud Storage for Free, On Qihoo 360 Yunpan

Step 1:First of all go to the  website of the Qihoo 360 Yunpan for sign in or click here to go directly to the website

Qihoo 360.

Step 2:Now  translate the page in English.Click at the bottom right cooky appears.In which guy with a head and micro  phone.That is the translate option.

Step 3:You will see the sign up form after clicking sign up.

Step 4:Now you will see a form fill it.First box is email,Second is password,third is confirmation of password.After this click on sign up which is the green button.

Step 5:Download the Qihoo 360 Cloud Drive Windows client  on which when you log in,a yellow button on which this is written “collect 10T” . Click it and claim 10T.

Step 6:Now Download the App of Qihoo 360 Cloud Drive from the AppStore..This is compulsory if you want to get 26TB more.Now same when you log in to the App ,a yellow button on which this is written “collect 26T” .Click it and claim 26T.

Step 7: Thats it!

That’s How you can use reliable 36 TB (Terbyte) of cloud space on these chinese cloud platform and its absolutely free.

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