3D Face Verification – Technology for Online Safety.

Face verification technology is everywhere. If you have had a smartphone for at least the last couple of years, you might already have a facial recognition feature in it. Smartphones, laptops, security cams, and other such devices employ this technology for security purposes in a wide range of scenarios.

Even online dating platforms, of all the technological advancements of the modern age, started to use it. Just like everywhere else, it allows you to keep the data you want private, ensure your matches are face-protected, and will potentially eliminate fake accounts and scam artists from dating websites. But what exactly is this technology, and can it be as safe as it promises to be?

3D Face Verification and how it works?

Face Verification relies on several principles for mapping a person’s vital facial features and storing them in a numerical form. Methods for facial recognition include:

  • Traditional Facial recognition
  • 3D face Verification
  • & Biometric face verification technology

The 3D face verification technology works by mapping out the critical features on a person’s face. These key features are stored in a numerical form and can be used again to identify or recreate a person’s look. Since 3D verification captures the essential elements of the face, it isn’t bound by lighting when trying to identify a face. Moreover, this technology can also recognize faces using the same structural analysis from multiple angles.

3D Face Recognition

The structural analysis then translates the said facial features into a numerical form. This numerical form can be stored in a database and used again for identification purposes.

This way is a highly beneficial method to protect data. And in the dating industry, it is quickly understood. So many websites, including this one, are also moving forward to import these security checks onto their platforms.

The future of 3D Face Verification in the dating scene

It won’t be wrong to say that 3D face verification is a highly secure method of securing personal data. The technology has already been implemented in major industries around the world. However, the online dating industry is one crucial sector that harbors much personal information and still does not employ this technology to safeguard this sensitive information.

Millions of people around the world use online dating websites and apps to find new partners. These dating sites require people to fill out forms that ask for quite a lot of personal information. Sensitive information needed to sign up on dating platforms includes full name, email, phone number, address, and bank account information. It would be disastrous if all this personal information got leaked or was targeted by a malware attack.

Therefore, it is only wise that the dating industry should adopt a strict security system that uses 3D face verification technology to identify and secure peoples’ personal information.

Spheres where it has already been used successfully

One most common use case scenarios for 3D face verification technology is security. 3D facial recognition is used to secure user data in multiple industries. For example, the most common use of facial recognition is in smartphones and laptops. We carry smartphones all the time. The same goes for our laptops. There isn’t a day that goes by without us using any of these devices. Therefore, it only makes sense to protect the data on these devices using sophisticated security measures like facial recognition instead of remembering multiple passwords.

Other industries where this technology is used extensively include:

  • Airport security
  • Identifying suspects
  • Finding lost people or even pets
  • Accessing dating sites to prove you’re real
  • & even in medical diagnosis

Benefits of technological advancement for people’s safety and convenience

The internet is a vast and extraordinary place. However, most of its extremities are still cornered off due to potential threats and security lapses. The internet as we know it today isn’t even the entire picture. With new and upcoming technologies for securing personal information better than ever, people are bound to experience an entirely new internet experience. An internet experience filled with convenience and is as secure as they get.


3D face verification is a highly efficient technology that vows to protect our data online. With the increase in malware attacks worldwide and new ways to scam people, the need for a sophisticated security system rose bigger than ever, and facial recognition delivers precisely that!

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