3D touch (Force touch) Heading to Sony Xperia Z6.

A lots of rumors in the air about the possible release of Sony Xperia Z6 in spring 2016. However the most talked about features for the smartphones recently is the Force Touch or 3D touch which has been introduced by Apple in their latest smartphone iPhone 6S.

The information about this new feature has been leaked via some authenticated info leakers on twitter. The sources claims that the Sony Mobile communication are working for a new pressure sensitive display which will help to add this feature for the upcoming flagship device. So this could be the second Android loaded device after the most anticipated Galaxy S7 which has some confirm reports of having the Force Touch enabled chip.

Beside this the Xperia Z6 is expected to house the latest and most powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC which is supported with 4GB of RAM and the latest Adreno GPU. The power unit is expected to have 3,500 mAh battery to ensure a full day use. As most of you are expecting the Sony Xperia Z6 will come with a 2K QHD Display having the same size as it predecessors have.

Even though we cannot trust the source completely, the information isn’t illogical at all. In fact, major companies like Apple and Huawei have already released Force Touch-enabled smartphones, with Samsung to follow soon. So the inclusion of this technology might give a fresh boost to the Xperia series. We expect Sony to skip this feature in the less costly Z6 compact for obviously a money-saving price tag.

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