4 must have Cloud Storage Apps for Professionals.

Cloud storage apps have shaken both the consumer and business market with the abundance of features they brought. What cloud storage apps offer is instant access to important documents, easy sharing of large files, and efficient collaboration.

It is important to note that cloud vendors have designed their services to be easy to install and use so that every employee can figure out how they work within a day or two. If you are aspiring to learn more about Cloud computing and cloud storage apps, the first step you can take is to enroll in any Cloud courses such as AWS, Azure, and Google cloud. I would recommend Intellipaat’s Google Cloud certification course curated by industry experts that aims to make you a certified professional in the field of Cloud Computing.

Best Cloud Storage Apps

The number of digital files we constantly use have long exceeded the amount of average disk space in most of our devices, which is why there are plenty of reason to start using the following:

1- Google Apps

Within its Gmail service, Google offers multiple apps to facilitate everyday lives of employees. Most notable app is its storage service known as Google Drive, where users can store their favorite files and have them at their hands everywhere they go. Google Drive is accessible from multiple platforms and allows easy file sharing and editing, so that every business user can finish his or her work on the go. Besides simply editing Gdoc, every Gmail user has an access to applications such as Google forms, Calendar or Slides, which can all contribute to better organization and productivity boost.

2 –Box

What distinguishes Box from other similar cloud storage services is the way it is adjusted to the needs of business users. Besides the fact it is accessible from multiple devices, Box has particular features that are intended to make collaboration more efficient. Therefore, here an employee can share a whole folder with their team workers and set different permissions for each of them – from view-only to edit. You can even share the whole desktop by automatically syncing all desktop files with Box account. A particularly interesting option is to add comments to specific files and assign tasks to people from your team, so that you can turn virtually any folder into a collaborative desktop.


3- SkyDrive

Microsoft’s online storage service is definitively the most popular among Office lovers and hotmail users. Its excellent integration with all Office apps and its advanced features make it a great solution for every busy employee. In SkyDrive, you can edit your Office documents with Office Web Apps or manage other applications such as PDF documents, DocuSign Ink, OneNote or Idea Sketch. With these, you can do anything you need to have your important documents neatly organized or shared with important collaborators.

4- SugarSync

SugarSync is another powerful cloud storage app that lets employees have a full control over their business documents. SugarSync continuously works in the background, ensuring your files are always backed up. It lets you edit documents offline, while the changes are synced to all your team members’ computers once the app is reconnected to the Internet. You can easily access file version history and restore any of the files you accidentally deleted or edited. Its redesigned interface makes it easy for anyone to explore all its possibilities and makes SugarSync an excellent choice for any contemporary employee.

Article by Mell Mayer a tech writer and a blogger from Sydney, Australia. She is researching the latest news cloud hosting and VPS hosting and their implementation in business.

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