4 Reasons Why You Need To Convert Your Files To PDF with PDFBear.

Gone are the days that all files are typewritten. Thanks to technology, one practice that is commonly done by businesses and organizations is digitizing files. Digitization of files is the process of creating a soft copy of your physical files. To do this, you may either scan your physical files or retype everything using a computer.

Compared to hard copies, digital files are easy to organize, can be edited, and flexible. Having a digital archive has a lot of advantages and can save you from stress.

One of the best file formats when it comes to digital files is PDF or Portable Document File. This format is universal, occupies little memory storage, secured, and can be easily accessed. When it comes to your PDF files, PDFBear is one of the best tools that you can depend on.

PDF Bear Tech

What is PDFBear?

Before we talk about the advantages of going digital, let’s discuss first what PDFBear is and how it can help you. PDFbear is an SSL-encrypted file management tool that can handle anything PDF-related files for you and is the most complete web-based tool out there. Aside from converting your files to one format to another, you can also optimize, organize files, edit, view, and secure your PDF files. It is the ideal tool that you can utilize when it comes to office work.

How to convert files to PDF using PDFBear?

Converting files to PDF files is not as hard as it sounds. To get started, go to the PDFBear website and choose which conversion or action you want to happen to your files. For example, converting JPG to PDF. JPG is used for photos and occupies a lot of storage space. Converting multiple JPG files and compiling them into a single PDF file can be done flawlessly using PDFBear. Once you’ve uploaded and customized all JPG files to the PDFBear server, you can simply click convert to PDF. Once it is done, you may get the shareable link or download your new PDF file to your device. You can even send the file to another colleague via email. All basic features of PDFBear are free and easy to use.

4 Reasons to go paperless

Given the pros of converting files into PDF, here are some practical reasons why you should switch to digital and how PDFBear can aid you.

Cut back on costs

If you are running a business, you may be dealing with a lot of paperwork. Well, more paperwork means your business needs to invest more in printing costs like inks, papers, drawer files, and even electricity. According to studies, the average worker goes through 10,000 papers per year. If you want to start an initiative to go eco-friendly, then going paperless is a great start.

Save storage space

In line with cutting back printing costs, going paperless means less cluttered workspace. A lot of startup companies only use their laptop for their business operations and meet in co-working spaces. Once you’re done digitizing your files, you may save device storage further by compressing files using PDFBear. Some digital files that could occupy a lot of storage space are photos that are in JPG or PNG format. For example, you may convert JPG to PDF in just a few clicks.

Digital files are more accessible

Have you experienced rummaging through a lot of file cabinets just to look for a single file? Well, with digital files, all you need to do is search for the file name then your device will do all the hard work for you. Aside from that, you don’t have to be in your office to access your files. You can upload your files in the cloud and access it anytime, wherever you are. File sharing with co-workers can be also done seamlessly. Instead of printing multiple copies of one file, you can simply send the PDF file via email. You may also use PDFBear to get a shareable link of the file. Digital files can save you time and effort.

Efficient file protection

Digital files lower the risk of them getting damaged. You may not know what could happen. For example, fire, water spillage, floods, files getting misplaced, and more! There are a lot of disadvantages to keeping all your files in physical copies.

The worse part? Once they are ruined, you will not be able to restore them. With online copies, you can even add some security features to further protect your files. You can even tailor and choose which among your teammates can access a specific file. For confidential files, you can convert them into PDF and add a password using PDFBear. Only those who know the code can have access to these files. To further help you with your digitized files, PDFBear is a good web-based tool that you can use.

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