5 Android Hidden Features you should know about.

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Well readers today I’m going to tell you some interesting information that some of you might not be aware of, yes you people read it right from the heading, there are some options in your Android Smartphones that you might have never came across probably because you never thought of going to that area of your phone that places somewhere in your settings menu as accessibility settings of your phone, as the name tells us it has something to do for making the software more friendly and sensitive to the user.

There are some options that I will be discussing in my article today those will give you benefit and ease of use to your Android smartphones, you can also visit that area by yourself and find some more that might suit you but here I have discussed a few that I think are the coolest features. There are the list of 5 best Hidden features in Android that you all must know to get most out of any Android smartphone.

1- Magnification gestures

These gestures are used to magnify your home screen icons and it is very useful once you get aware of how and when to use this option. You can define the gesture like if the screen is taped three times the gesture would make your icons enlarged or you can say it acts like zooming in your home screen and with the next tap it zooms out, or if you tap tree times and hold the screen you can zoom in the home screen and pan around then if you release the screen it zooms out.

2- Text to speech

It is probably the most common and I must say the most useful option that you might have probably used by yourself before as well you just have to enable the Google speech engine and then just download the language pack you want to hear, once you are done with this now you can enjoy the lengthy articles which you might not want to read you can listen them while doing something else by side and in this way you have utilized the time efficiently.

3- Color adjustment or negative color

This name of this option vary from handset to handset but the task is does remains the same with this you can change the color of your mobile and theme according to your own choice you can adjust them according to your own optical wants. It is to benefit you the theme in which you are comfortable.

4-Explore by touch

The main purpose of this option is to speak back whatever you touch on your screen, this can be used for number of purposes and by number of people for different reasons like if someone has reading issues he or she can tap the screen to confirm what is being tapped because as soon as the specific button is tapped it speaks a loud that this button has been tapped.


5- Interaction control

Interaction control or touch control or whatever your own handset says it. It has got some very useful task to do it is used for turning on/off your motion gestures. But as you know you don’t want those gestures to work on the specific areas of your phone because without moving your hands or tapping them that way on your phone you can’t work for example notification drop down menu, without touching there you can’t open any notification so you need to disable the gestures in those areas.

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