5 Best Free Proxy sites to unblock any site around the world. [2017]

5 Best Free Proxy sites 2017

Here we are with the list of 5 Best free proxy Sites to unblock any site around the world. The proxy sites seems to be more relevant in today’s Internet world as more and more sites are getting penalized by different new polices that have been added in the modern world constitutions adopted by different countries. In recent time many researchers have been found using the proxy sites to unblock the required information hidden in many informative yet suspected internet hide outs.

Many countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt etc have blocked access of YouTube to their citizens and that caused millions of users turning to different proxy sites to access the world’s most informative video site. The usage of proxy servers have been found quite increasing in these regions of the world.

Today we have prepared a list of Proxy sites that can unblock any site in your region and if you are among those countries whose governments have enforced YouTube bans on you, these proxy sites will surely help you access your favorite videos online.

Before going to the list of top 5 best free Proxy Sites let me share that these sites hide your identity and help you overcome the restrictions set by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and lad to the information you want to access across the globe.

Top 5 Best Free Web Proxy Sites :

These are the best, most used and reliable Proxy Sites list that we have gathered. The rating is based on internet speed while using the specific sites through diverted traffic, along with the secure processing of your request.

1- Hide My Ass:

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This is the most widely used proxy server site which ensure the best results and they are free for masses. The developers at Hide My Ass also provides their services for Chrome and Firefox browsers in shape of extensions and Addons. The site has been providing their proxy server facilities since 2005 and is the most trusted and best service provide in this regard.  HMA also provides the PRO version of their services along with the free one. You can buy their monthly or annual packages if you really liked their services and want to get their extra secure browsing services.

Hide My Ass now delivers a better VPN app for your smartphones or computers, You can download the Hide My Ass VPN here.

2- Proxify:

Proxify with the tag of  “best anonymous proxy protects your online privacy” is also known as one of the best proxy servers around the web. They even allow users to hang up with the site by making their accounts on their servers and proxify loves to remember your favorite webpages and the sites you often visit. The only thing that made it number 2 in our list is the complication of installation process which make user to inject some files in their Windows or MAC  to get most out of their services.

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You can access to any blocked site no matter where you are pinned on the globe. This Proxify site is also an old contender and have been providing services for some time now. This site also hides your IP address and our encrypted connection prevents monitoring of your network traffic.  You can simply download their application and install it on your PC or MAC, and if you doubt the procedure you can simply download their Firefox addon and enable it while surfing through Firefox browser. Its quite an old service but still quite usefull. You can access Porxify here.


Next in the list is the NinjaCloak, same as its name this site is ready to fight the battle for your security and privacy and help you in surfing the web anonymously. NinjaCloak is the most used proxy site to access YouTube, so the countries with the YouTube block are also facing the same when they try to access this proxy server.

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This is the also the best web Proxy Site which emphasis more on users security. You can visit this site from any corner of the world if your country didn’t banned it yet, and if you find it unreachable better grab the other options. Official Site link of NinjaCloak is here.

4-Anonymouse :

This next Proxy Site Anony Mouse is also regarded as the best proxy server site among the thousands found on the web. This proxy site will also help you in getting the access to your favorite sites on the web without any blockage or cutting your band width down. The site has been in service since 2004 and also attracts many users from across the globe who wants to reach the parts of web where their Internet Service Providers don’t let them to reach.

The site has its own mouse loaded interface with the address bar available at the bottom to let you type any blocked site and access through their hidden services.

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5-000Free Proxy:

This is relatively a new site but the best thing about this site is that it provides many choices to the users to select from, as seen in the image taken from their home page. The site is based on a US-based proxy server and is getting popular day by day. The site also love to take care the visitors data plans by giving them options to reduce the site data by selecting the options of enabling and disabling the images and videos.

This is also one of the proxy site used by many users who have been blocked from accessing YouTube servers from different parts of the world. It also let you turn on Cookies for the site you want to visit. Security wise this would be the best available feature in any proxy site around the web.

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These above mention sites will also help many students in accessing Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter from their schools and colleges as most of the institutes tends t block these most used social networking sites.

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