5 Best IPTV apps for Apple TV for HD Content [2017]

Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV 2017

Today I prepared a list of 5 Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV which helps you watch the latest HD live Streaming TV Content in 2017. This list contains these IPTV apps which can be downloaded and installed on the latest Apple tvOS, on aTV 4. Currently more and more IPTV sources known as Internet Protocol TV Providers, are emerging as many regions around the world are currently enjoying good stable and high speed internet facility. The role of IPTV cable TV thus isn’t regarded as the only source for the TV lovers. These are the best IPTV apps to watch HD TV on aTV4.

In this list of 5 Best IPTV apps for Apple tv, We made sure that you can have the ability to run both the M3u Player provided by the iptv services or even the source link you can run on your Apple smart TV or capable of connecting with Smartphone running iOS. I have tested and tried most of such players on my Apple TV and even on my iPhone 7 Plus while connecting it on Wifi network, and found out that there are some of the main featured apps that you should try on your Apple TV as well. But first to get a better TV Experience you should go for a proper IPTV m3u player Service provider to get the best IPTV experience on your devices. There are tons of IPTV subscription providers in USA which will help you to get the best new internet tv as your new iptv m3u 2016 player satellite tv alternative.

5 Best IPTV apps for Apple TV 4th gen 2017:

There are many IPTV apps which can be downloaded on any Apple TV, wether its running the tvOS 1 or the latets tvOS 4. But we tried to get the best one for you which atleast support EPG (Electronic Program Guide) and also have the option to add or delete your desired m3u playlists in the app. Meanwhile you can also check out Best IPTV apps for Mac.

1- iPlayTV :

First of all we have this most popular IPTV resource app named iPlayTV for the Apple TV. Its the best app for the Apple smart tv sets with options to add desired m3u playlist manually. So if you have any third party IPTV M3U list which you have downloaded from Internet you can simply upload it on this iPlayTv and enjoy watching your favorite TV programs without any hassle. You can download this app direct from iTune Store using this link. Here are the main features.

– Multi playlists
– Search for channels in all playlists
– Favourites
– Favourites reorder
– Channel preview (Must be enabled in settings)
– Automatic find channels logos using channel name
– Full Electronic Program Guide support
– Easy to use and simple interface
– Supports most of the iptv playlists
– Based on VLC and Apple player (supports most of the stream codecs)
– Supports EPG urls with gzip content
– Supports multiple audio/subtitles track

Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV 2017

2- rIPTV:

It has the same functions but lacks full EPG information along with the tuned channels. The interface of the app is still old and lacks basic functions. But its still quite responsive and fast. You can add your desired m3u Playlist in this rIPTV app for Apple TV. You can download rIPTV app here. Its 2nd in the list due to tons of new features.

– Turn your iOS device into a portable TV and watch your favorite channels and on demand movies anywhere you go
– Multiple IPTV playlists
– iPad Multitasking support
– Infinite channel scrolling
– Channel Icons
– Auto Group Channel
– Upload and refresh playlists without reload
– Easy to use beautiful interface
– Play all file not only live streaming
– Enjoy EPG (Electronic Program Guide) on all your channel
– Play/Pause Live Tv
– Video Scrolling
– Enjoy information about live programs and on demand movies or tv series
– Movies description and information based on most popular database on the web (imdb
– Choose what you want to see before watching it: enjoy rating and movie trailers
– Based on VLC
– Favourite Channels
– Enjoy 3D Touch Functions on supported devices
– Use Today Widget
– Add remember : never lose your favourite events
– Find your program directly on Spotlight
– Support iOS9 +

Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV 2017

3- Feedlix IPTV App:

Feedlix IPTV App for Apple TV got the same features as the first two apps described above. It also features the addition of 3rd party m3u playlist files but yet can’t show the correct EPG. You can download Feedlix IPTV app here. Latest improvements in the v1.4 has following features added:

What’s New in Version 1.4

– Search
– Video scale options on settings (default, aspect fit, aspect fill, stretch)
– M3U parser review (protected streaming links)
– Improvements

Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV 2017

4- Ohm TV:

Ohm TV is also a better IPTV app for the Apple TV and runs quite smooth on tvOS 4. You have the luxury of adding m3u playlist files when you need. It also offers full EPG access if the m3u file has the option enabled. You can download Ohm TV here. The main requiremnts for the Ohm TV are:

– Ohm requires a standard m3u format channels playlist.
– For EPG (optional), Ohm requires a standard XMLTV url.

The links you provide for playlist and EPG can have “gz” extension, the app will automatically decompress it (TAR not supported at the moment).

5- GSE Smart IPTV Pro:

GSE Smart IPTV Pro is not a free app yet can’t be taken as the best featured app for the Apple TV. You can add the m3u playlists but it doesn’t apply the full EPG in the added list. You can download GSEsmart IPTV Pro here. Some of the main features in the latest update are.

– Added audio language tracks selection
– Added EPG time shift (Please go to setting and set time shift , that will take affect for all EPG DATA)
– Added Web interface (GSE WEB TOOLS) for playlist management
With GSE web interface you can now manage playlists like adding remote and other playlists , EPG etc. using any PC and mobile web browser
No more typing error , Just copy and paste

App EPG Logos Fullscreen Good UI 5* Rating
iPlayTV Full (user supplied url) Yes (user supplied url) Yes Yes ***
rIPTV Basic (included in app) Some Yes Yes **
Feedlix No No Yes No *
Ohm TV Full (included in app) No No No *
GSE Smart IPTV Pro Basic (included in app) Some Yes No *

Hope you liked the list. You can also see the best IPTV apps for Windows | OR | The best Android TV Streaming apps.

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