5 Best Samsung Galaxy S5 covers and cases you will love to have.


Samsung Galaxy S5 is out and already sold in millions as the addicted Samsung Fans changed their previous Samsung Smartphones with this new flagship from the Korean company. The Shape and design of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is quite similar to its predecessors, except the fact that it has been made water and dust proof with the IP67 rating given by the IEC. The IP stands for the Ingress Protection and the given rating for the Samsung Galaxy S5 makes it stand in the line of devices which do survive in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

This is good for such a costly device but if you drop the device the same Poly Carbonate body of the device will not survive the impact and you may end up with the scratched back, sides or even shattered screen. So we will suggest you to get a cover or case for the Galaxy S5 and forget the IP67 standard ratings of the device.

So we come up with the list of 5 best Samsung Galaxy S5 Covers and Cases for your device to make it stylish and let it be remained covered in the best tip top condition. Beside this these Galaxy S5 Covers and Cases comes up with some additional cool new features including the famous Wallet sized cases to the movie watching standing cases that will add more style to your Galaxy S5.

1-Speck Candy Shell Grip:

First of all we talk about this wonderful case for the Galaxy S5. The Speck Candy Shell Grip is designed to make sure for the user to grip the device properly in their hands, especially the ones with smaller hands. As the Galaxy S5 is slightly larger device as compared to its predecessor Galaxy S4. So with the Speck Candy Shell Grip cover the raised rubber ridges will allow user to grip the device properly while holding it.


The Candy Shell Grip case is really sturdy and the rubber on the interior corners of the case will protect your device from shocks in accidental drops. The case is available in market for $34.95 and can be purchased in black, white colors while other spring colors will make it online by May 2014. You can found one here.

2- X-doria Dash Folio:

This new case is for the Galaxy S5 users who do often watch movies or videos on their smartphone, and why not with the best 5.1 inch Full-HD crystal clear display watching videos is a treat itself. This X-Doria Dash Folio cover folds and make a stand for your device to make it sure for the user to watch their favorite videos placing the mobile on table on any other stable surface in both landscape and portrait modes.

x-doria-dash-folio-slide (1)

The cover looks stylish with the leather like texture finishing. The price of this cover is $29.99 and can be purchased from online stores. This will surely add some extra style to your Galaxy S5. You can buy one from the makers official site.


3- Pure Gear Case with kick-Stand and Holster:

This Pure Gear case with Kick Stand and Holster is a complete gadget that will allow you to fix your mobile clipped with your belt, pants or even with the bag so you never lose your device while being on the move. Beside this the Kick Stand will make your mobile a best video watching treat both in Landscape and portrait mode.


Though there is no price tag for this case but the makers are confident that it will make to the market in coming days. As seen on the official makers site the case is available in black color only.

4- iLuv Jstyle Leather Wallet case:

You might remember the famous Wallet case released a couple of years back for the iPhones. Now this most needed utility is also available for the Samsung Galaxy S5 fans as well. The iLuv Jstyle Leather Wallet Case is a costly yet the most convenient case for your device.


It costs $69.99 and can hold up to three credit cards, a single ID holder slot and the other sides have pockets for cash. On the right sides which grip the Galaxy S5.

5- M-Edge Echo Case:

This is standard and most colorful series of cases for your Galaxy S5. The case is though simple but it will surely protect your device better, as the avialble color pattrens will make your device even more stylish and trendy. The avialble colors and design of the M-Edge Echo cases include Blue Nile, Black & White Polka Dots, Poppies, Palm Leaves, Summer Stripe and Tribal Blanket. 


The case is made with the dual rubber layers which will survive your device even if it drops from a 5 feet height. The interior of the case has that Silicon liner strapped inside. The case is already available for sale and can be purchased for $34.99 from online stores.

Hope you would love these awesome 5 best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases and Cover for your device. We will look into more such cases in the future and will pick the best for you in over future reviews. Keep in touch and follow us now on TwitterFacebook or  Google + and stay tuned for more. Meanwhile Share this post with your family and friends by clicking the share buttons below.

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