5 Best Video players Recommended for Android phone and Tablet

5 Best video players for Android

I’m going to discuss the best five video players recommended for your android phone and Tablet. Generally we need third party video players in Android devices because as the inbuilt video player doesn’t support all the formats and also the third party apps provide some interesting features.

These android video players are top listed in Google play and clearly tested. The players are selected according to their performance, popularity and the features they provide to the users.

Best 5 Video Players for Android:

The common thing in all these best Video Players for Android is that they can run all the formats easily. But these apps varies with features and functions. It’s up to you that which app you want to go with.

1.  MX Player:

5 Best video player for Android

This is the best video player which plays all the formats without any lag. You can directly play all the video formats without any conversion. There are some interesting features like scrolling up or down towards left side helps you to increase or decrease the brightness of the screen. Whereas towards the right side the same method is used as volume control.

With this video player it is easy to zoom in zoom out with two fingers. This is the only Android player which has multi core decoding, which helps the performance to increase as the cores or the processor increases.

But the only disadvantage I feel about this player is the ads. As this is completely free app, ads will be disturbing in middle of the screen when you pause.

2.  Mobo Video Player Pro:

5 Best video player for Android

This is the only player which can be controlled by gestures. This can player almost all video formats on Android phone and tablet. The interface of this player is very user friendly.

The main thing to be observed in this Android apps is, it contains playlists option and also you can play them continuously. Actually this player must be placed at top position in this 6 top most best video players for Android but the only problem we faced I , It lags little bit when we play mkv large files.

But overall this is the best and recommend video player for Android phones and tablets.

3.  HD Video Player Free:

5 Best video player for Android

If you want an app to be simple and without any extra features then you can go for this. The main thing about this app is, it supports all the formats without any exception.

The advantage over other android video players is you can also use it as music player. It helps you to load the external subtitles very easily without any trouble.   


4.  VPlayer Video Player:

5 Best video player for Android

The Android video player where it can also play Youtube videos is VPlayer. The new  design of this app is very attractive and the complete interface is very good and easily understandable. The main reason to list is at fourth slot in our list of top best Android video player apps is, you need to pay for complete full version after 7 days of trails period.


5.  RealPlayer:

5 Best video player for Android

Well talking on personal level I would have placed this app on my list of best Android Player for Android devices but its listed on 6th position, lets find out why.

The main thing you will be noticing about this app is its interface. But this application for android devices this is not as good as for PC.

Overall, it provides some noticeable feature like, providing an option to share on main social networking sites and dedicated options when you attach your headphones and many more. It supports some of the main video formats.


That’s all, about the 5 best video players for your Android Phones as well as Tablets. I believe you will also like to recommend these video players for your Android.

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