5 iPhone Apps You Should Be Using now.


With so many new applications coming out every day, it can be confusing trying to decipher which you will really use and what they’re really good for. This list of apps are just a few of the many exciting ones that are appearing constantly. These apps range in prices from free to few dollars more but they all come with great user reviews and can be used every day for anyone.

1. Wake ($2.99)

This alarm clock is so gentle and soothing that you’ll transition out of sleep comfortably, but it is also prominent enough that you will be forced awake. This is a great app for people that are not fans of the loud, ringing and beeping of traditional alarm clocks. This app even features differing ways to turn off the alarm based on what kind of sleeper you are: Shake for the heavy sleepers, Swipe for light sleepers, and the Slap & Flip for those in between.

2. Rise ($1.99)

I realize that this article has already mentioned an alarm app, but customer reviews are so strong for the Rise app that it has to be included. Celebrated for its simple and clean template and easy interface, the Rise app is great for those that are new to iPhone software and just need a simple alarm. Rise even mirrors the outside conditions when you alarm goes off so you’re ready for anything as soon as you awake.

3. Dark Sky ($3.99)

Dark Sky is an amazing weather app that even features weather forecasts down to the minute. Using radar technology you will have the most up-to-date weather predictions so that you’ll never be caught unprepared. The app is slightly more expensive than most but it has the most detailed and reliable weather app iPhone has available.

4. Last Time ($1.99)

Are you someone that is constantly forgetting to renew your driver’s license or can never remember when you need your next oil change? Last Time is a great way for keeping track of dates, times and services that you need. This app is great for students, business owners, or just those with a full schedule. Last Time keeps your important dates and appointments organized so that you don’t forget anything.

5. Spotify (free)               

Spotify is a great form of internet radio but it has other radio apps beat because when you purchase the Spotify you can save playlists for offline listening or when you don’t have an internet connection. Plus they have a huge variety of music so there is something for every listener.

This guest post was written by Steve Bronson in association with Waterline Tank Technologies. They have pioneered an inexpensive and effective way to clean crude oil tanks.

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