5 Things You Should Consider When Building a Gaming System.

The ability to build your own gaming system from scratch can be quite satisfying. This is because you get to a chance to customize your gaming system to your required specifications. The fact you build your own gaming system means that you are able to save money since buying an entirely new gaming system from the store can be quite expensive. The choice of the system that you will be able to build will most of the time depend on your budget.Here are a number of things which you need to consider when you are building your gaming beast.

  1.    Choose the  right CPU

This is the first consideration is choosing the right Central Processing Unit (CPU). In CPU, one has two options of manufacturers. You can choose Intel CPU or AMD. In regard to budget, AMD chips are much affordable and come in a wide variety which you can choose from. Intel chips are more expensive but they offer better performance. When you have a system which is quad core means that you do not have to invest a lot on CPU. If you love Intel processors, then consider going for CPI which is above Intel Core i3 to Intel Core i5. For those who love AMD processors then consider going for AMD FX- 8320 of FX 9000.

  1.    The right System Memory (RAM)

This needs to be the next consideration because it determines how many programs that you will be able to run. The more the game advances the more you need a much powerful RAM. A couple of years ago a 4GB Ram would have been okay but with the new gaming releases, you would need 8GB and above to play some of the latest games. If you plan to be multi-tasking then you should consider going for 16GB RAM as it won’t hurt your pocket as most RAM are relatively affordable. Getting the right RAM improves the speed of your gaming experience.

  1.    The Right Graphic Card

The next consideration that you need to make is the graphics card. The kind of graphics card you choose will determine if you will enjoy a 1080p gaming experience. In the choice of graphics cards, it comes down to two companies AMD and NVidia. Today many people prefer to use NVidia graphics cards as they offer a better gaming experience. In choosing the graphics card, it’s important to check the compatibility issues. Look for graphics cards which can offer 60fps or more.

  1.    Storage

Today storage devices have changed and now one does not have to worry about getting a large hard disk drive. Today solid state drive is the ones which are in use, this is because of the large storage capacity they offer plus they appear like an upgrade.  The best storage for a gaming system should be above 1 TB.

  1.    Power Supply

This may seem like less important considerations, however, you need the right power supply to handle your system. Before choosing a power supply, it’s important to check the power requirement of the system. The power supply should be efficient to save on power bills.

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