5 Tips To Get the Most out of Your Smartphone’s Camera.

5 tips to get the most out of your smartphone's camera

Today I will share some awesome tips about hoe to get most out of your smartphone Camera, to get awesome shots which may make you look like a professional photographer.

1. Use Good Lighting

Good photography has so much to do with lighting. Smartphone cameras are getting better with each new generation of phone that is released, but they still can’t compete with digital cameras in terms of light sensitivity. When you take a picture, make sure you are using all the light at your disposal. If you’re outside, have your subject stand in the sunlight. When indoors, turn on the lights if possible, and don’t be afraid to use the flash if your camera is equipped with one. Plentiful light will give you a crisper, more detailed image.

2. Keep the Lens Clean

The lens opening on your phone is exposed to dust and grime, which can build up on the surface and make your images blurry and distorted. The lens on Bell mobile phones can be cleaned with a soft cloth every once in a while to make sure your pictures stay crisp and clean. You can even use a lens solution like the kind you would clean glasses with.

3. Stay Close

Smartphone cameras, because of their compact size and battery restrictions, can not include optical zoom lenses. For this reason, it is best to stay as close to your subject as possible when taking pictures. In close-up shots, more detail will be captured and your shots will look more intimate and professional.

4. Avoid Digital Zoom

While smartphone cameras can’t zoom using an optical lens, many of them offer a ‘digital zoom’ feature. This kind of zoom actually just enlarges the image at the expense of the image’s resolution. It is the same as using the magnifying tool on your computer’s image editor, and you will lose a lot of fine detail using it. It is better to just go ahead and take the picture ‘as is’, without using digital zoom, and crop out the unwanted portions later. You’ll end up with a much cleaner image.

5. Experiment with Apps

Smartphones are such a versatile platform for entertainment. Whether it’s streaming content with Bell TV on demand, listening to music, or socializing on Facebook, there is a virtually endless variety of apps to play with. The same is true of camera apps. Just because your smartphone comes with a default camera app doesn’t mean it’s the best available. Experiment with using different apps and see which one best suits your personal style and taste.

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