5 Tips to increase Nexus 6 Battery Life.

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If you are looking to buy the best Stock Android smartphone then the Google’s very own Nexus 6 is the best among all. The Nexus 6 is one of the most powerful device loaded with the 2.7 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU, supported with the 2 GB of RAM and Adreno 420 GPU. Beside this the device has a twice to full HD 5.96 inch display with 493 ppi density. But all these powerful chips needs power to run and unfortunately Nexus 6 has a smaller battery to run all these chips present under the hood.

A mere 3,220 mAh battery will start drain faster if you use all the powers that this smartphone have. So to save battery or to increase it we guide you with the best 5 tips to increase Nexus 6 battery life or battery timing. Following all these tips you can increase your Nexus 6 battery timing double as compared to standard battery timing.

Top 5 Tips to Increase Battery Life on Google Nexus 6:

To increase the battery life of your Nexus 6 you should follow these steps in order to get a better battery timing for your device.

1- Lower Screen Brightness:

First thing first, Make sure to lower your screen brightness if you are not outside. It is recommended that you turn Auto brightness feature OFF so that the light sensor stops functioning and it does not higher or lower brittleness on regular intervals. Lower brightness will eat up lesser battery as compared to the brighter screen. In all Android smartphones the display drains more battery then other apps running in background.

So you should beware of this fact and and install proper settings for your device to stop battery drainage.

Nexus_5_Battery_Life (4)

2. Turn off Wifi scanning and Wifi:

Make sure to turn OFF WiFi scanning when you are not using it anymore. Or if you are connected with a WiFi connection make sure that you are getting better signals, because out of range or lower signals WiFi connection will drain your battery faster as compared to a full signal bar WiFi connection.

Make sure to set these settings as seen in this screenshot of the WiFi menu. Make sure to turn OFF WiFi when you are at school or at work and are not using your device. There is yet another option of Keep WiFi usage during sleep, make sure to check only when plugged in. Also check the Avoid poor connections option to save battery drainage.

Nexus_5_Battery_Life (5)


3. Use Wallpaper of still image:

If you are using a Live Wallpaper or Animated Wallpaper then your battery will soak up faster as compared to a still image wallpaper that can save your battery life. Fortunately now there are some apps out there such as Minimal Wallpapers which has tons of abstract style wallpapers with minimum graphics.

You can use these wallpapers as your Nexus 6 background image to lesser the battery drainage issue and the best thing about these wallpapers is that they don’t effect your device performance as well. You can see the screenshot of these wallpapers given below.

Nexus_5_Battery_Life (2)


4. Turn off vibration

Make sure to turn off your device Vibration off. Even if there is a vibration while taping on screen or on main menu buttons or even while typing, Turn off all the vibrations to save your battery life. In the sound options you can uncheck all the boxes as shown in the screen shot below to save some battery life for your device.

Nexus_5_Battery_Life (6)

5. Turn off Bluetooth and GPS

If you are not travelling to an unknown place or not using Waze in your car to avoid traffic, turn off the GPS as it takes lots of battery power. The same is true for Bluetooth also. No need to turn on Bluetooth unless you are using it. This is one of the best tips to increase battery life of Google Nexus 6.


That’s it hope your device will show better results with battery performance issue after adopting all these tips. Beside this make sure to charge your device with original Nexus 6 Charger made by LG, and use a the same USB cable that came with the box. The official charging time that the Nexus 6 will take from 0% to 100% will be around 3 1/2 hours. So these tips will help you to save Nexus 6 battery so that you can use it even longer.

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