5 Ways to Deliver Consistently Good Customer Service.

What comes to mind when you think of the best customer service? Perhaps it was the barista who recognized your name and your preferred caffe latte. Or the time you called customer support and the representative expressed sympathy for your situation, then went above and beyond to resolve the problem.

Exceptional customer assistance can alter your perception of a firm. It also has the potential to foster genuine client loyalty. Let us envision a scenario to further strengthen your belief in the importance of customer service.

Imagine you purchased an expensive treadmill from a well-known company. The company promises to deliver the treadmill to your place within 3-4 working days. However, a few weeks pass by and you still do not receive your workout equipment.  You try contacting the company, but they do not respond.

Good Customer Services

A few days later, you receive a notification that your equipment is in the warehouse, which is just a 30 minutes drive from your house. You write multiple emails to the company and even try calling them to ask them if you could pick up the equipment yourself rather than wait for it to be delivered. However, you receive no response at all.

This will obviously infuriate you and leave you wondering how a company can blatantly ignore a customer that spent thousands of dollars on their products and as a result, you would promise yourself to never contact that company ever again.

Hence, this shows how important customers are to your organization. One bad encounter and they would never shop from you again. Thus, organizations need to train their customer service representatives to converse with the customers politely and attentively listen to their customers.

They should also adopt the practice of being available day and night to assist their customers. A very relevant example, in this case, would be the telecom industry. Most of the prominent telecom companies offer more or less the same services – so how does one generate more revenue than the other? Telecom service providers thrive on customer satisfaction and the firms that establish a strong client base are the ones that excel in this cut-throat market.

To quote a reference, Cox Communications has been among the most celebrated service providers of the U.S. for a very long time now. One of the primary reasons for its immense success is its customer care standards. If you dial Cox customer service number right now, you will have a well-mannered representative on the line in less than a minute and your issue would be resolved before the call ends.

One key point to note here is that customer demands are steadily increasing, without any doubt. As we have mentioned before, they not only want you to be available 24/7 for them but also want you to solve their problems promptly. Thus, keeping this in mind, learning the art of delivering exceptional customer service has become very crucial. Here is how you can take your customer service from good to great.

  1. Provide service through the channels that your customers want

If a customer complains via Twitter, you may be tempted to “take the topic offline” so that it is not discussed in front of others. However, it is not always that easy. Perhaps they have already attempted to call your toll-free number and encountered a lengthy wait, or maybe they just prefer to communicate with customers through social media.

People choose channels based on how quickly they need a solution and how difficult their problem is to solve. Customers want to communicate with you on the same platforms that they use to communicate with their family and peers.

As a result, being able to assist a client via their preferred support channel is one of the most effective methods to provide exceptional customer care. Your customer service representatives must be able to answer questions via telephone, texting, live chat, social media, and other channels.

It helps if your technology can keep track of everything and allows agents to transition between communication channels with ease. Assume a customer begins by contacting you via live chat. However, the problem grows too complex for that. You want your representatives to be able to swiftly shift to a phone call in that case.

  1. Try your best to empathize with your customers

To provide a positive experience, you must be able to relate to your customers. Empathy is the first step. It entails prioritizing the customer in whatever you do. It is an important customer service skill to have. It also entails feeling compelled to assist them, rather than viewing them as a nuisance to be dealt with, but rather as the protagonist of your story.

To further emphasize the importance of empathy, let us imagine a scenario. Imagine you just bought a cat from a pet company; you were overexcited and bought all its food as well. However unfortunately a few days later the cat dies. You feel devastated and call the company to ask them if you could return the unused food.

The customer service representative listens to your tale and empathizes with your pain, making you feel heard and understood. You obtain a complete refund, and your customer service experience could have ended there. To your surprise, the pet company sends you a huge bouquet with a card expressing sympathy for your cat’s death.

How would you react to such a sweet gesture? Without a doubt, you would hold that company in high regard and perhaps you will post about it on social media, urging other pet owners to donate to the organization. Hence this shows how being empathetic towards the customers’ concerns can take you a long way.

  1. Be proactive in your assistance

When things do not go according to plan, your customer may let you know. One customer concern has now become two: attempting to change an irate consumer into a happy one by resolving the original issue.

Great customer service frequently entails anticipating your customers’ wants before they ever get the opportunity to express themselves. When a firm takes the initiative to assist a customer before the customer approaches them for assistance, this is known as proactive customer service. It entails attempting to fix problems as soon as they arise.

There are numerous advantages to providing proactive customer service:

  • You can often prevent problems from arising in the first place. Rather than waiting for a customer complaint, you are already assisting them. This saves both your customer service team and your consumer time and effort.
  • An agent can offer things in real-time if you can use client data to learn about their interests. Customer loyalty and upsell chances can both benefit from this type of personalized service.
  1. Quickly respond to customers

Customers have extremely high expectations. They expect a rapid response from you. Millennials and Generation Z, in particular, favor mediums that allow for quick responses for example social media, messaging within the app as well as applications for social messaging.

It is no surprise that older generations prefer more traditional techniques such as telephone calls, emails, and face-to-face interactions.

However, patience for response times is dwindling. Exceeding expectations entails keeping up with the demands of customers. This could be something as simple as a text or email response that is automated. It also entails returning a call to a customer who has left a message. It is already terrible service if they have to call you twice.

  1. Make it as simple as possible for customers to assist themselves

Customers are not always eager to seek assistance. As a result, sometimes providing excellent customer service entails allowing customers to assist themselves. Many customers want to address as many issues as they can on their own; they always, or usually, begin by conducting a search on the company’s website.

However, there is a notable discrepancy. Many businesses are missing out on this chance. Only a few businesses provide a knowledge base or a community forum. You will ease pressure on your support crew and create happy customers by creating an easy option for customers to self-help.

Final words

The foundation of any business should be how to provide exceptional customer service. Customers are the main asset of any organization and keeping them happy and satisfied is very crucial to an organization’s success.

These five examples, on the other hand, have lasted the test of time and offer truly exceptional customer service.

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