5G For The Connected World

5G, we’ve been hearing about it for the past few years now, about how it’s going the change the internet as we know it and lead the way for all future development. 

We’ve all heard off and used 4G technology, so what exactly is 5G and how exactly is it better? Well to start with, 5G can be basically thought of as a faster version of 4G. How much faster you ask? Well, that depends. 

No, not on things like the weather and your areas 5G coverage, but what type of 5G your using. 

Types of 5G

There are currently three types of 5G being developed and each of them will have there own series of advantages and tradeoffs. 

mmWave high-band 5G (24Ghz+): 40x speed of 4G, lowest penetrating power. 

Mid-Band 5G (2.5-4.2 GHz): 10x speed of 4G

 Low-band 5G (600-900Mhz): 20% increase in speed over 4G, highest penetrating power. 

Where Will 5G Take Us? 

Just imagine being able to download an entire season of Netflix in a little over a minute right before you board the plane for a 10-hour flight. Games that exceed over 100GB will be playable in a little over an hour! 

A market research report from MarketsandMarkets has projected that the 5G IoT market will grow from the $0.7 billion it is today, to $6.3 billion by 2025. The upsides and applications of 5G are boundless, in fact, we’re going to be discussing some of them today. 

Programming & Software Development

One of the industries that are set to benefit the most from the deployment of 5G is software. The software will always be limited by the hardware it’s intended for, whether that be processing power or network speed. 

Through 5G we can expect improvement and additions in feature sets of apps such as improved levels of security through higher bit encryption. The addition of new functionalities that previously we’re just not possible with the speed and latency of 4G. 

We can also expect improvements such as more accurate and real-time location tracking for use in apps like Google Maps, so no more missing your intersection cause of a laggy connection. You’ll be able to stream higher quality content as well, whether that be 4K YouTube videos or even full-fledged games for that matter. 

So be sure to check out programming laptops so you’re all equipped and ready to start coding your applications to take advantage of 5G. 

Cloud Gaming

Stadia, Nvidia Geforce among other cloud platforms are being hailed as the future of gaming. No longer will you need to drop hundreds or in some cases thousands of dollars of equipment on hardware that you can’t even conveniently take with you to a friend’s house. 

Cloud Gaming for 5G

With the sheer speeds that 5G brings, it means you can take Read Dead Redemption 2, notorious storage and resource-intensive game on the go. Without any latency issues at that either.

So you won’t need something like a cumbersome gaming laptop that only lasts 40 minutes on battery power, with you anymore. You can even play it on your TV, Chromebook or even your phone. Be sure to also check out How 5G change gaming industry (Latest news & updates – Feb 2020) and for even more 5G related content head on over to Netbooknews. 

5G In The Workplace

Experts have said that latency will be reduced in 5G by as much as 100x and that combined with the speed gains will make for great strides in the workplace.

So not only will basic tasks like mass video conferencing and the communication of large files between offices be much smoother and faster, but imagine that you’re a technician. You’re told that there’s some issue within the company’s central server. 

Instead of maybe having to drive hundreds of miles to the remote location to see if its even a hardware issue. They could see in VR the status of all the machines within the building, inspect the wiring and figure out if any hardware has gone wrong. This way they don’t waste their time if its something like a software issue that can be fixed remotely. 

Autonomous Vehicles & IoT

We’re all told that autonomous vehicles are coming. If at some point in the future most people are being driven in these self-driving cars. 5G would be on hand to facilitate the gargantuan amount of data that would need to be sent and processed to make such a future a reality. 

Autonomous Vehicle 5G

There are various other IoT applications where 5G shines. Just imagine having real-time traffic data from traffic signals. They could instantly alert you of any accident, jams and even help guide your route based on which one will statistically have the greenest signals. 


5G is set to start rolling out to more countries across the world in the coming years and months. It is set to change the landscape of, on the move internet connectivity and will undoubtedly throw 4G back into the pages of history. 

Tell us what you think about 5G and its applications for the future?

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