6 apps that should be on your iPhone.

Apple iPhone is one of the most popular brands and smartphones. The number of users has crossed 1 billion and still growing. As the demand for iPhone is increasing, so is the number of IOS applications. There are about 1.96 Million apps right now available on the Apple Store.

People can find many useful applications for iPhone from App Store. These are categorized so users can access them easily. Some of them are free, while users have to pay some bucks for other paid ones. Are you a lifestyle blogger, music lover, traveler, gamer, etc.? People can find any type of app on the Apple store.

In this article, we will give the list of 6 must-have apps for iPhone. So, if you are an iPhone user, keep reading the article.

iPhone Apps

6 Popular Must-have apps for iPhone:

People often ask questions like:

  • What app should I have on my iPhone?
  • What is the most popular iPhone App?

We will now answer these and other questions readers might have. It is essential to have popular apps on your iPhone so; you may need them anytime. For example, people must have a map app while driving. It would help them, especially if they lost their way. You may also need different iOS tips and tricks to ease your daily routine. Our list of 6 useful applications for the iPhone are the following:

Google Maps:

Google Map is a must-have app, especially for travelers. While traveling, it is very common for individuals to go in the wrong direction. With Google Map on their iPhone, they can always stay on their path and reach their destination without any delays. It will also help them in deciding which road they should go with by showing the traffic situation. So, download Google Maps if you have not already.


Are you a social media influencer, activist, or celebrity? Then Buffer is perfect for you. Buffer is an excellent post-scheduler platform. So, influencers don’t always need to be online to post at a specific time.

They can save post images, descriptions, tags, etc., to Buffer. They can then set a scheduled time when the post should be published. In addition, users can integrate their social media accounts like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and many others. It will allow them to do more work and not focus on posting posts. It is also a great application for freelancers who are offering social media management services.


All of us are using the internet every day and probably all the time. We always keep our iPhone and other devices connected to Wifi, but it can be dangerous sometimes as it is an open and unsecured network. The reason is our IP address can be exposed, and hackers can track us.

To avoid this, there is a VPN for IOS. Individuals can download VPN apps, because VeePN is the best, secure, and encrypted application right now. There are many valuable features in VeePN to make your privacy to an advanced level. Features like Killswitch and netguard can make people’s online presence more secure. VeePN not only provides privacy but also improves internet speed by blocking ads. People can download VeePN VPN for IOS.

Apps for iPhone must have

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp is the most downloaded and used communication app right now. There are several features that most people already know. So, we don’t think we need to mention many. Users can send text messages, audio messages, stickers, Gifs, images, videos, documents, etc., to their friends and family members.

If you are running a business, then WhatsApp Business is a must-have application. It will allow setting instant replies, list catalogs, so visitors can see and contact you for more details. We recommend people download both if they have not already.

Serial Box:

Are you an ebook lover or want to listen to audiobooks? Then Serial Box is perfect for book lovers. With this, individuals don’t need to buy separate eBooks or novels to read. Serial Box allows users to purchase or subscribe to the content they like, so save your money with Serial Box.

It covers all genres, from comedy to sci-fi. So, you can have a lot of choices to make. Before subscribing to any content, users can get a free episode so that they can decide and then pay $1.99 for the remaining episodes. It includes both audio and textbook.


1Password is the perfect solution for individuals who often forget their passwords. For such people, it is essential to have a password manager application like 1Password. Users can save their passwords on 1Passwor and don’t need to remember anymore.

With IOS12, Apple has made password management more accessible and improved. For example, the iPhone now can fill in passwords automatically on most websites and forms.


Apple iPhone is one of the most demanding phones worldwide. So, the developers take this as an opportunity to develop some tremendous beautiful apps that can help users in their daily lives. There are millions of software available on the app store, and you should download ones that you think can help and assist you in your everyday life.

While users can choose apps according to their needs and requirements, having a VPN IOS app like VeePN on their iPhone or any other device is recommended. So, people can enjoy safe and secure internet browsing.

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