6 simple steps to reduce the size of a PDF file.

PDF is a highly acceptable format while sending files through a digital medium. However, size is one of the major issues for PDF users. Big PDF files can result in lots of problems. For instance, you can find some government websites setting a restriction on the PDF file size. That is why you have to reduce your file size using a reliable tool.

Why do PDF files mostly have bigger sizes?

You can find two reasons for which PDF files are disproportionately large. One potential reason is that your PDF document has more than one font. The use of an additional font can increase your file size by more than 400KB.

Another reason for the bigger file size is the use of images. The bit-depth and resolution of images will have a noticeable effect on your PDF file size. Moreover, color images consume more space compared to monochrome ones.

PDF File Compression

How do you reduce your PDF file size?

Step 1Select the most reliable tool

You can look for user-friendly tools to simplify the process of reducing your PDF file size. 2PDF is one of the most intuitive PDF file size adjustment tools, as you can accomplish the process with a few steps.

Step 2Go to the official site

You have to visit the site 2PDF.com. There is no need to download software, as it is an online platform to let you manage your PDF file. Moreover, you do not need to go through a sign-up process to use this free tool.

Step 3- Find the option to reduce your file size

You have to choose the compress PDF option from the interface.

Step 4-Upload the file

The web platform will ask you to upload the PDF files to be compressed. You may upload more than one file and then click on the Compress button.

Step 5- Adjust other options

You may choose image resolution, image quality, and compression speed based on your needs. You can choose this step based on your needs.

Step 6- Start the compression process

Now, you have to click on the Compress button and the software will start its compression process. You may need to wait a minute to find the compressed file. When it is done, 2PDF will let you download the compressed file with one click. The compression process will not affect your image quality.

2PDF.com is a versatile platform that enables you to reduce your file size in different ways. For instance, you can choose a few pages of your PDF file and remove them from your document. Apart from resizing the PDF file, you can change the file format using the free tool. With a few steps, you may accomplish the process.

Moreover, you can organize your PDF pages, merge multiple PDF files, and split your PDF documents. You do not need technical skills to use the tool. The free tool provides you with a number of options, and that’s why 2PDF is better than other similar tools.

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