6 Technologies That Will Transform Casinos in 2022.

Now more than ever, the gambling industry is adopting new technologies and catching up with the latest trends to bring customers an enhanced experience. This has become more important since the pandemic hit, at which point those who typically visited physical casinos headed online in search of digital alternatives.

With online casino operators striving to attract players and grab their attention, the race is on for who can deliver the best games and services. To aid in this effort, companies are looking to utilize new technologies that will transform the casino landscape. In this guide, we explore six of these innovations and what they mean for players in the year ahead.

Online Casinos


It should come as no surprise that the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum have slowly made their way into online casino payment systems. You can already find a large number of websites that accept cryptocurrency, which is favored by some players for its unique anonymity and security benefits.

Another advantage that cryptocurrency has over credit cards and payment processors is that it can better protect against fraud. You usually don’t have to provide any personal information when using crypto, thus reducing the risk of your account details or identity being compromised.

There is also a lack of third parties involved in the transaction, protecting your data from external breaches. With the rise of Bitcoin ATMs and similar projects, it’s possible that crypto will make its way into the brick-and-mortar casino world in the near future as well.

Ratings and Regulations

The recent explosion in the popularity of online casinos has naturally led to a spike in the number of dishonest schemes and operations. From misleading bonuses to shady websites that just don’t pay out, players need to be cautious when browsing the many online casino options that are available today.

This is where ratings and regulations come in. By consulting established authorities in the gambling space, new players can receive guidance on where their time and money are best spent. Websites such as OnlineCasinos exist for this exact reason, with an expert writing team that reviews the latest casinos and points to those that stand above the rest.

OnlineCasinos only reviews websites that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and are typically overseen by other gambling regulators. On a similar note, players can be assured that the year ahead will see the implementation of stricter rules and regulations that keep casinos in check and reduce fraudulent activity.

AR and VR

With augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) having established a strong presence in the console and PC gaming market, it would only be a matter of time before the tech enters the casino world. So far, players already have a couple of options for a next-level gambling experience.

Thanks to providers such as NetEnt and Microgaming, popular casino games including Starburst, Miss Midas and Jack and the Beanstalk can be enjoyed with a VR headset. Of course, this only marks the beginning of what might eventually be the standard way that online players interact with their favorite casinos.

It’s only a matter of time before you’ll be able to strap on your VR headset and find yourself sitting alongside your friends at a realistic poker table that you can interact with as if you’re actually at the casino.

Artificial Intelligence

Another buzzword that’s seeping into every corner of the tech world, artificial intelligence (AI) can serve as a valuable tool for taking the virtual casino gaming experience to the next level.

In fact, technology has many potential uses for digital gambling. For instance, games that are powered by AI can learn and evolve, making decisions based on the previous actions of the player. These abilities can be used to create more realistic and formidable opponents for mind-based games such as blackjack.

Aside from enhancing gameplay, artificial intelligence can also be used to strengthen website security and protect casino members against fraud. It can also be used to provide fast and useful customer service. Since AI is capable of observing and developing insights, experts are considering using it to aid in detecting and preventing gambling addiction.

Perhaps the most exciting use for AI in online casinos is live dealers. Most players prefer the idea of a dealer that’s as close to the real thing as possible, and artificial intelligence can help achieve that like never before. Coupled with the latest graphics, live dealers can look, speak, and act in a highly convincing manner.


The average wearable smart device today is infinitely more capable than one from just a few years ago. Casino operators are aware of this and have started rolling out features such as the ability to place bets directly from your smartwatch.

While screen size and processing power are still constraints, these factors haven’t stopped developers from trying new ways to allow players to stay in touch with their bets and games. This year might be the one where we see slots and other simple types of casino games become available on smartwatches, allowing for constant on-the-go interaction.

Mobile Gaming

While smartwatch gambling is yet to gain any traction, casino gaming on smartphones is already a major success. Today’s devices have more than enough processing power and screen real estate to facilitate an enjoyable experience, be it with slots, blackjack, poker or just about any other casino game.

This is why a growing number of online casinos have started to offer dedicated mobile app versions of their platforms or mobile websites at the very least. With no end in sight for the trend, mobile players can safely expect to see an improved experience moving forward, with more crisp visuals, smoother animations, and a larger variety of games.

Only time will tell exactly how technology will change the casino world in 2022. What we can all be certain about is that nothing will remain the same for long, and an exciting future awaits. What new technology or trend are you looking forward to in the year ahead?

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