7 best ways to improve Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge Battery Life.


We have been getting a lot of negative feedback from different owners of Samsung’s new flagships Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge about the battery drainage of these two sets just like water flows out of the tube well. The main reason behind this issue is the Google play store services as they have updated the software and in the latest software there are some bugs that need adjustments.

However Samsung do claim that the battery of S6 and S6 edge is far better than S5 but practically the feedback is negative as compared to S5 so we have already concluded the reason behind. The main issue which the owners are facing should be fixed and fortunately we have some ways that might help you in improving the battery life of your Galaxy.

There we have gathered the best 7 tips to improve the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. You can check out your device and follow these tips to get better battery timing for your Galaxy S6.

1- Turn off VoLTE

Voice over LTE is supported by Galaxy S6 and edge both and due to some bug in firmware this is draining the battery of S6 and edge very fast so you better turn it off and also the smart switch should also be off in settings.

2- Update Samsung push service

Samsung push service is the App in Google play store and it is used for improving the battery cycle of your Galaxy models so update the app because the new update saves a lot of battery.

3- Switch off unneeded radios and features

This tip would save a drastic amount of battery because all the unnecessary features that are always on in the mobile set settings when turned off saves a lot now these are the Wifi like if you are travelling and you know your handset won’t find any Wifi so in this case keep it off from searching. Turn your Bluetooth off, turn your gestures off which are not needed and above all the brightness should not be auto it should be controlled manually keep it dim.

4- Disable all the bloat

Bloatware and unnecessary features on TouchWiz on Samsung’s S6 and edge has been reduced up to 30%, but still there are many bloats which need to be disabled in order to save the battery and the apps are disabled in settings>> Applications>> Application manager and tap on the application you need to disable which is running and has no use.


5- Power saving mode

Now Samsung has something very interesting when coming to the power saving mode it has actually two types of power saving modes the first is power saving mode and the second is ultra-power saving mode. In power saving mode you can use each and every function of your Galaxy but only the screen brightness, display frame rate, vibration feedback and CPU speed in minimum to increase battery life if you have to go through all day 24 hours it can go through the day with power saving mode if the battery is reasonable.

In Ultra-power saving mode almost all the third party features are automatically disabled and mobile can go through the day with just a single bar of battery.

6- Turn off location services and Google

Location services are really a big cause of drinking the juice out of your battery it should be kept off because it keeps on determining the location and for that it keeps on searching your location every 5 minutes and it plays a big role this way to drain the battery.

Turning off Google Now will also reduce the abnormal battery drain from ‘Google services’ that many Galaxy S6 and S6 edge users have been experiencing. To turn it off go to Settings >> Cards and toggle the ‘Show cards’ option to off.

Turn off location services go to Settings >> Privacy and Safety >> Location and then toggle the switch to off.

7- Factory reset

Factory resetting your mobile phone should be the last resort to get rid off the battery drainage issue but first you should make the backup of all your data because factory restting your device will clean each and everything out.