8 Android TV Applications that can optimize your Non-Smart Television Experiences.

No doubt, Android Televisions are cool and resourceful electronic gadgets. If you have ever handled one, you will realize that these televisions are compatible with almost every android game and application, procurable via the Google Play Store. However, having an Android TV isn’t always necessary to experience quality content and relevant resources.

Having an android TV helps as you can directly install the applications without resorting to workarounds. However, you can still enjoy these services on non-smart televisions, provided the requisite hacks are known.

In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about 8 of the best applications that are mainly synonymous with Android televisions. However, once you stack them up, even the non-Smart televisions become solid entertainment hubs.

Android TV Apps

Then again, you at least need a reliable streaming medium i.e. a streaming device of some kind, to get these apps on-board. So let’s cut the clutter and dig right into the perfect app selection. But before that, let us explain how the Android TV applications can be used with conventional televisions.

How to use Android Applications with non-Smart TVs?

Regardless of the applications, you are targeting, a streaming device is imperative to using Android-centric resources on a non-Smart TV. You can either get yourself a Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, or the Stick Lite to experience innovation at its best. Moreover, once you invest in a streaming device, it is natural to get access to some of the pre-loaded applications, which might or might not feature on our list.

However, if the mentioned application doesn’t come bundled with the streaming device, you would need to side-load the same or jailbreak the device to get access to third-party applications. Then again, side-loading isn’t time-intensive and you would only require a few minutes to get the app in place.

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that a streaming device is basically the interface that lends smart capabilities to your conventional device. That said, you will still require a USB slot to get things underway. 

1- Cinema HD

While you can always opt for the likes of Netflix, Disney+, and other top-of-the-line streaming applications for your conventional television, nothing beats Cinema HD when content diversity is concerned.

Moreover, the Cinema APK is easy to install provided you know how to work-around a locked device and open the same up for third-party downloads and installations. While you can always brainstorm and look for other gadgets, Cinema HD APK is probably the safest bet if you want to keep the streaming device free of malware and Botnet attacks.

Not just that, the movie database is pretty expansive and you also need not worry about the legal issues upon using the same. However, if you are still concerned, you can always use other subscription-based platforms like Prime Video and Netflix. 

2- Spotify

Did you know that streaming music, yes only the audio, is possible with a streaming device attached to your television?  If not, you should give Spotify a try as after Google’s sudden shuttering of the music platform, Spotify remains the hardest music streaming hitter in the market, especially for Android users. 

3- Kodi

Have you ever considered using HTPC services? If you aren’t even aware of how it works, you are missing out on something worthwhile. Kodi is a reliable Home Theater PC that manages every piece of content that resides on your television or a streaming device for non-Smart TVs. In addition to managing and curating media, Kodi also comes loaded with several video streaming resources. 

However, not every channel can be accessed without resorting to a VPN. Having a premium VPN client is necessary to mask the IP and utilize the full potential of this app.

4- YouTube

If you are looking at an endless sea of actionable and free content, nothing comes to mind apart from YouTube. Therefore, if you are actually planning to transform the television into an entertainment hub, you should get YouTube, either the free version or the premium one to enjoy exclusive content.

That said, you can find this app bundled along with a handful of streaming devices, allowing you to skip the manual installation.

5- VLC

While most streaming devices swear by the famed MX player, VLC is one of the better applications that you can rely on. The best thing about the VLC media player is its ability to play subtitles while accounting for a wide range of customization options. 

You can always play music using the same but the app UI is basically customized for videos. Other exciting app-centric features include an integrated audio equalizer. 

6- TV Usage

If you are worried about the kids getting access to the streaming device and access content without permission, TV Usage is the best app to have. With this, you can always keep an eye on any untoward usage, whilst locking up any specific app to avoid free access.

7- Google Live Channel

For users having a penchant for Live Television or IPTV content, Google Live Channel is one of the better apps to sideload. However, you can always opt for the alternatives including Hulu TV, Sling TV, and more, for keeping the options open. Once you have the right app for running live channels, you can consider ditching the cable TV.

8-Wake on LAN

A streaming device of some power allows you to make use of this application for activating any computer or storage console, remotely. While this caters to the more tech-savvy individuals, it is still a handy resource for automating a majority of home-based gadgets of computing relevance.

In addition to these applications, you can also look for other resources to make your non-Smart TV as good as a home theater system that reports to a Smart TV in general. Moreover, if you have a reliable Wi-Fi connection in play and a device with built-in voice support like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can opt for additional customizations. 

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