8 best Thrilling Strategy Games Like Pandemic 2.


Pandemic 2 is the best thrilling strategy game of its time in which your job was to infect every one in the world with the disease that spreads with some unknown virus. To overcome this deadly virus spread these countries around you close their borders including shutting down their airports and harbours to put some obstacles in your way, as you have to spread the dangerous virus all across the globe. The game is fun to play.

Did you enjoy the strategical challenge of spreading your own unique brand of viral infection across the globe in Pandemic 2? Are you looking for a new challenge to test the limits of your dastardly wit? Then look no further, and enjoy the great games we’ve listed below! The list of games we have picked here are the best ones in this Thrilling Strategy games or in other words the best strategy card board games you would love to play. The list includes games like Ghost Stories, Castle Pain, Space Alert, Shadow over camelot, Arkham Horror, Red November, Last night on Earth: The Zombie game and the Shadow hunters. You can read a brief introduction of each game given below.

1- Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories is a turn-based strategy game that sees you and your friends guide a group of Taoist priests through the process of exorcising evil spirits that are harassing your town and its people.

Successful completion of the game relies on good tactical positioning of your Taoists and effective utilization of their specific attributes, not to mention the various power ups / special abilities that can be obtained by navigating to certain tiles.

The game is simple yet engrossing, and the more players you team up with, the more fun you can have.

2- Castle Panic

Castle Panic is an intriguing strategy game, one where players must balance the need to cooperate with each other in defending the castle against an onslaught of orcs against their own desire to become the top scorer, upon which you are labelled “master slayer” and victor.

A host of power up tokens, varying terrain and sheer weight of numbers will force you to plan ahead with your teammates, but if you’re too generous, you risk being outplayed.

3- Space Alert

In Space Alert, you and a crew of up to four other members must guide your Spaceship through the boundless perils of deep space.

You’ll encounter enemy battleships, aliens, intruders, malfunctions and more, and only by working as a team and focusing on specific tasks can you hope to succeed.


There’s no shortage of stages and difficulty levels, with each challenge lasting around ten minutes (with the exception of a bonus level lasting around 30!).

4- Shadows over Camelot

This is a semi-cooperative strategy game where the completion of noble quests adds a heroic white sword to the Round Table and brings the Knights of Camelot one step closer to saving their people.

Conversely, failure will add a black sword to the table, and bring the evil Black Knight a step closer to destroying them. Each turn players select a “heroic action” to further their cause, but in doing so will perform one of three evil actions that will hold them back.

As an added twist, one of the players may be a double agent pretending to cooperate when they in fact intend to sabotage their peers’ plans.

5- Arkham Horror

The Ancient Ones, an evil race of spiritual entities bent on total domination and the destruction of our planet, lurk just beyond a series of portals to other dominations that threaten to open up at any moment.


Working together, you and the other investigators must use spells, money, stamina, investigative technique and strategical planning to banish the monsters seeping through the portals and close them off before the Ancient Ones find a way through.

6- Red November

Red November sees you and your crew mates attempt to reign in the effects of rising heat, pressure and asphyxiation aboard a struggling nuclear submarine.

All players must focus on separate tasks in order to save the vessel, and can choose how much time to devote to each one. Spending more time on any given problem will heighten your chances of solving it, but at the same time allow more to crop up by the time you are done.

In the end, some players will be forced to sacrifice themselves for the greater good: the prevention of a nuclear disaster.

7- Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game

This is a board game that pits humans against zombies in a bid to escape, rescue survivors or destroy the un-dead. One team of up to two players uses human heroes, whilst another team of up to two is responsible for the zombies.

Combat is resolved on the basis of a six-sided dice in conjunction with the acquisition and usage of various power-up cards, and is portrayed through a series of cinematic cut scenes that add real life and energy to the game.


Different heroes / zombies have different attributes, meaning there are a lot of ways to approach the game, ensuring a great degree of playability.

8- Shadow Hunters

In Shadow Hunters, you are randomly assigned to one of three groups: the Shadow Creatures, the Hunters or the Civilians.

You must then go about your business in the enchanted forest without revealing your affiliation with any of these groups, because if you do, your enemies will attack and destroy you.

The aim is to discover your enemies and eliminate them before they can do the same to you. Special abilities or Hermit Cards will aid you in this process, but also puts you at risk of revealing yourself – so be careful!

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