8 Effective Methods To Make Your Android Work Faster

It is not a secret for anyone that Android is the most popular platform for smartphone nowadays. But technologies get better every day. And we desire our device to be more efficient. If you buy economic smartphone that are weak in CPU power it will annoy you with slowdowns. But right now we’ll give you some advice about how to speed up it.

1. Change your home launcher

Think about this. There are a lot of alternative launchers that you can use instead. The Android home launcher demands too much memory, RAM and efficient processor.

2. Reduce your settings

The homepage settings may be reduced to a more economic level that requires less processor power. Alike situation happens when you reduce graphics settings in order to play without becoming snatchy.

3. Switch off the animations

The animations are the little actions that occur whenever you do something on your Android smartphone. For example, when you open a tab or an app. This may be turned off so that the animations no longer work. Your instruction to disable the animations: Settings > Display > Animation.

This pragmatic step will surely improve your phone performance.

4. Turn off the plugin browser

This is one more thing you can act to increase the performance of your Android. Here is how you do it: Open Browser > Settings > Plugins.

5. Forget about live wallpaper

It looks good and it makes your phone more nutty, but it also sucks the performance of your Android. Of course, you can sacrifice performance for the sake of beauty. So, it is much better if you refuse using live wallpaper.

6. Take away all the unnecessary applications

Delete any apps that you do not use. If you use some application not regularly e.g. some type of converter, but it is free, you’d better uninstall it. Anyway you can download it anytime. Exempted space will affect your phone productivity. Try to imagine such image: your Android smartphone becomes a librarian and all the installed application transform into different books. The more books are in the library room the harder to librarian to work properly and fast.

7. Substitute your heavy applications with lighter ones

Every application demands some certain part of processor power and memory. Some apps are much slower by default, so remove the applications that uses too much memory and substitute them with different that offer the same functions but consumes less power. There exist apps on the android Market with bad, not optimized  code that makes them work slower. Find the better-optimized variants. Heavy apps may be overloaded often with ffunctions that you will never find out.

8. Delete or switch off background apps

Some of these will function insensibly for you but still using some degree of your Android phone power. That fact means it is high time to inspect what your Android is actually up to. For instance, many people leave their GPS turned on in the background without understanding it consumes their processor power and memory.
Submitted by a young consultant of free eBooks website. Alex Strike is a big fan of concept gadgets and innovative technologies. He is always ready to share his thoughts on these topics with his readers.

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