A Peek into Potential New Home Automation Features For Android.

Technology has progressed slowly but surely during humanity’s flight through our history, but today, our modern society is in a tsunami of progress and has invaded all fields of knowledge and aspirations for humanity’s search for a more comfortable lifestyle. Our search for comfort has paved technology for control systems for actuators and the development of tools for comfort are invented and upgraded thanks to the existence of smart phones and digital applications. An app can be made for almost every kind of idea, bright or stupid. Many companies are investing in the field of health and home and these companies include the two giants which is apple and google. In this sense, Android, one of the largest phone software companies, is developing more applications and appliances that could promote health, wellness, and comfort.

One of the environments that are now being widely transformed thanks to our new technologies are our own home environments. With the touch of a screen, a living room or a kitchen can transform and reveal its technological features. Some of these features involve the use of linear actuators, which are tools for automated motion. These linear actuators can be programmed to do automatic pre-installed motions that vary according to its usage and purpose. It can be installed with all sorts of appliance and furniture like television sets, to tables, to doors, cabinets or any other thing so that you can save space, or simply improve your home’s comfort. TV lifts and actuators are sold in many markets including the world wide web. The popularity of the use of these tools are especially bold in high luxury homes and DIY enthusiasts around the world.

Today home automation can be acquired by buying special devices that could be paired with an Android or Apple device but such tools are soon to become more popular in the market. Many technological developments are being integrated with each other by the leading companies that are hard at work in order to provide us with a better life. Some devices can be installed with the home and programmed to track one’s health and control one’s environment to attain maximum comfort. Other features involve security benefits with the use of a smartphone and an external tool set that might include security cameras, door lock, and access to cloud storage so that an owner can check it with any compatible device and internet connection.

The quest for comfort also features smart phones as remote controls for almost every aspect of the home. An app can be installed in the smart phone and then paired with pre-installed smart appliances like lighting, thermostats, door locks, garage doors and even kitchen appliances. However, our inventors are taking it up a notch and are now developing technology that would outright get rid of the smartphone as the control and giving the human that capability by doing specific motions tracked by special cameras installed within the home. While this is not yet out in the market, some companies have already utilized fully automated technology and are working hard in order to provide a more consumer friendly version to the common people. In our market today, the most promising still is Android and its continuous service to the people together with other developers for home automation and comfort.

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