A surprising leaked image showing iPhone 4C price tag Alongside iPhone 5C at Wallmart

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We have heard a lot about the upcoming iPhone 5C which is claimed to be the first ever low-cost or budget iPhone made by Apple. But today an interesting image surfaced across the web pointing towards the presence of iPhone 4C. This new term has not been used by any one before.

These source images of a Wallmart price tag clearly shows the presence of iPhone 4C alongside the heavily priced iPhone 5C , which reads $649. There have been rumors all over the place that the low-cost budget iPhone 5C will be available not more than $400-$500, But this image has started a whole new debate while showing the iPhone 4C along with the reasonable price tag.

Obviously the price tag showing $449 is more acceptable for a budget phone but the device name showing iPhone 4C has raised many questions, it is still the unsolved puzzle. Nobody have heard any intentions of Apple releasing 2 budget phones or two C models.

There have been rumors that Apple will launch an iPhone 5C as the low-cost mobile product in this September, then we wonder how low this price? The previous rumors that iPhone 5C will be priced between $ 400 to 500. Obviously, this price is acceptable to the public. But today a purported iPhone 5C price tag leaked, which spotted at Walmart and coincide with the phone’s pricing on the retailer’s prepaid Straight Talk wireless service. The tab shows off-contract iPhone 5C sells for $649. However, it is puzzling that, we can see an iPhone 4C tag on the side, which priced at $449.

If a name mixup is the culprit, we could have final clarity on next-gen iPhone pricing. $ 649 is should be a reasonable price of the iPhone 5S, the 5C would then get a cheaper (but not dirt cheap) off-contract pricing of $449.

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