A Web Design Company’s Experience in Luxury Websites Creating

Creating of a premium website for premium products and services is a challenge for both the business owner and web design company. Luxury goods reflect the certain social statuses of a buyer, therefore a luxury website acts as a showcase, than a sales platform. The general principles of marketing can not be applied to VIP products.

A luxury website acts as a showcase, rather than a sales platform. The task of a website is not to sell a product but to prove its uniqueness.

There are three main categories of luxury items and services: status indicators (e.g. Omega Watches, Aston Martin), trending and trendsetting items (e.g. Giampiero Bodino, Carolina Herrera), fusion and innovation products and services (e.g. Space Adventures, Tesla).

The actual value of luxury products means less than their added visual value for the Web design Firm.

Target Audience

The customers of luxury businesses have high demands and they do not excuse mistakes or poorly provided services. The VIP customers will easily discern luxury from mediocre. The personal approach is essential for every luxury business due to the limited pool of customers.

A luxury website must comply with the following criteria: luxury resemblance, focus on brand, technical excellence, and counterfeit-proof.

The last criteria are of special meaning since the VIP consumers have a distinct sense for counterfeit.

Creating a luxury website

The process of creating of a luxury website requires much time to be devoted to a customer. Every customer’s idea and desire must be heard and implemented, expecting several drafts and versions. No templates or standards should be used when working with VIP customers.

We wrote in one of our previous publications that a designer must perceive their client, and figure out what is good for them. With VIP clients this is even more true especially the ap royal oak owners.

A luxury website has top priority and envisages the involvement of the best and highly skilled specialists.

In addition, the working team can’t afford some limited working hours, because VIP customers pay for the result, rather than the hours.

When developing a luxury website, a web agency has the following activities to be done:

  1. Spend much time trying to learn and understand the customer’s idea and attention to the project.
  2. Personal approach to each customer and after-purchase servicing should be highlighted.
  3. All best efforts (specialists, unlimited time, exclusivity) should be made.
  4. Be ready for constant communication with a customer and accept customer’s estimations.

The following activities should be avoided when working with a luxury customer:

  1. Imposing of own vision to the customer
  2. Making it sell, since a luxury product does not need to be promoted. A website must show its exclusiveness.
  3. Saving costs would have an inverse effect for luxury customers
  4. Formalizing the project and treating it as a regular one.

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