Add and delete contacts on Apple Watch. [ How to]

Apple’s watch is a product of Apple. It’s a compact and beautifully constructed smartwatch that allow you to send and receive calls via iphone. Wearing apple watch on your wrist provides you with multiple features, For instance fitness information, time, send/receive text messages, and make calls, music, Bluetooth and many more.

Friends are the people that are closed-pack thanks to the friends feature on Apple watch that helps you in acquiring and getting in touch with your friends list easily.

Simple guide to use the friends list on Apple Watch

Adding friends on apple watch is very easy Apple Watch automatically add twelve most favorite contacts from your friend list, when it is paired to your iphone. If some users don’t have any favorite contacts then no contact will be appeared. After pairing Apple Watch with iphone you can choose the side buttons from anywhere on the device to view friends. The contact will appear in circle; by tapping on any contact you can easily make calls or text.

If you desire to manage your friend list then you can manually edit it by adding or deleting contacts.

How to Manage Contacts from Your Friend’s List

Grip your iphone and open apple watch app. Then click on my watch and move down to friends settings. Here you can find list of friends, add all of your favorite contact up to twelve in a given slots. It will automatically organize it in a clock-work style on your Apple Watch.

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If you want to reorder the position of contacts then click on the “Edit” option available on the extreme top right side. By using the same edit option you can add more friends to fill the empty position. You can also delete the unwanted contact from the list by tapping on the “Edit” option. “Red-minus” sign will appear on the screen on the left side of the contact name click on it and your desired contact will be deleted. Another quick way of removing contact from friend list is to swipe from left to right and hit remove option.  This whole process can be managed via an iPhone or iPad as well. You can synchronize the contacts between the devices as well.


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