Add Images to Google Docs, Slide documents on iPhone and iPad. [Guide]


Google Docs is an easy going application that allows you to create documents and spreadsheet which can be further edited and stored online. Files can be easily accessed on the smart phones. The users can create update, edit, combine text with formulas, tables and can do many more things. The only feature in which it was lagging was that previously user’s were not able to insert image through iphone or ipad but the Google roll out its latest update to Google docs and slide mobile apps the option to the user to insert images directly from the app on iphone or ipad.

Inserting images is always a requirement of users that may be needed for business presentation, job reports, adding bill picture to documents or any school/university work. But the latest update resolved all the problems.

Listed below are some easy steps that will guide you with complete steps.

How to add images to Google Docs and Slides

Step 1: First tap on the plus icon option available on the top right corner of the Docs or slides.

Step 2: A list of menu will be opened. Scroll down and tap on “images” option.

Step 3: After tapping it will ask for two options.

1) From photos

2) From camera

It’s up to you which option you are interested to choose by selecting 1st option gallery of your mobile will be open and in 2nd option it will open a camera so you can quickly take a picture to and then insert it directly.

Note: Good news is that these features also worked online. Your work will not stop even if you loss internet connection.

How to crop, resize or mask images

Crop feature is only available in Google slide. The image you have inserted can be easily cropped or timed by double tapping it in the slides which will give access to crop mode. Then moving the boxes you can trim the image or by tapping on the image you can crop to a required size.

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