Do you know Aerna the largest Minecraft Map Project covers over 5,200 km square.

Minecraft is no doubt the most played game around, but Do You know that Aerna the Largest Minecraft map project which is no more here, was a 5,200 Km Square area covered map. There are a bunch of people worked on it have described it as the largest Multiplayer server to ever Exist in Minecraft.

The biggest World in Minecraft is really gigantic with tons of tons of buildings, farms, docks, mountains and even a huge sea added into it. This mega map isn’t free so to get some extra bucks grab this Cash App Plus Plus apk for Android with the $500 free claims tricks.

Here is the detailed intro of how big is the Aerna Minecraft map Server.

Aerna Map Farms

Main Features of Aerna the Largest Minecraft Map:

Like all other Minecraft worlds, this Aerna Map isn’t infinite either, but just really large. I mean… Really. Really big. For all intents and purposes, it may as well be infinite.

Total Area 5,242.88 square kilometres
Area Covered 102,400 Blocks Across
Size 84 GB
Rendered 5120 x 5120
Region Files 2000 Files each

Total Blocks in the Map:

Since Minecraft is 32 bit, the largest map possible would be 4,294,967,294 blocks squared. This is not how big Minecraft maps are though, this is just the largest map size that the game could theoretically create. The largest the map can be is 60,000,000 blocks, or 30,000,000 blocks from zero.

How Many Square Kilometers in it?

So I mentioned that this is big, right? A block is a meter… that’s 60,000 kilometers. For reference, the circumference of the Earth is only 40,000 kilometers. A Minecraft map is actually bigger than the Earth! The circumference of Mars is only 21,000 kilometers, so a Minecraft map is the size of the Earth and Mars combined! Well, if the surface of Earth and Mars were only 60 meters deep that is.

Aerna Largest Minecraft map Project

How much time it takes to visit the whole Aerna Map:

So let’s discuss how large this really is. Sprinting is 5.612 meters/second, and walking is 4.317 meters/second. This means that sprinting from one end of the Minecraft map all the way to the other would take 123 days, assuming you spawned a flat world with no water and played on peaceful. Walking that same map would take 160 days.

So if you took 8 hour work days of just running across the map, it would take you almost exactly a year to sprint across the whole map. Walking would take almost a year and a third.

So that’s 3000 hours to sprint across the whole Minecraft map. I’m just going to go ahead and go out on a limb here; the average addict probably logs somewhere around 2000 hours over 3~5 years. That would mean that no one except for the most dedicated players have even logged enough hours to sprint to the edge of the map. If people played Minecraft just to run in a straight line, a map is large enough that they can just keep going.

Sødhelm The southern port of Trädlund

For the odd person that has played more than 3000 hours, you probably didn’t just sprint in a straight line on a flat map on peaceful the whole time. Stopping to fight, climb, go around, gather food, or whatever else means that it takes even longer.

But what if you wanted to just see constantly new land? Well, if you played with a 32 chunk view distance, then you can see 500 ish blocks in each direction. So if you just wanted to see the whole map, you could take it 1,000 blocks at a time. That means you could repeat this process 60,000 times to see the whole map. This is the length of more than 1,000-lifetime work careers to see an entire Minecraft map.

The 100,000 by 100,000 Block Radius:

And this is just to see it. You could play Minecraft within a 100,000 by 100,000 block square and this is still probably way more than anyone really uses. Heck, I never really fully explored more than a 20,000 by 20,000 block square in every map. If you actually started building and crafting instead of constantly exploring then your entire Minecraft career probably boils down to a couple of thousand block radius.

If every Minecraft user was only actively using 2000 sq feet, then you could have 900,000,000 players in a map without them having to interact except when they explore. There are only 91,000,000 players. So take the number of players, multiply it by 10, drop them all in a Minecraft map, and many players might not see another person. People could literally live isolated lives from each other. In fact, if you take all 91,000,000 players and isolated them in a map, they could all have a 6,289 block square. That’s nearly as big as the current map I’ve been using for a while.

Farmland surrounding Trädhelm Map

So the map is large. Larger than it really needs to be, and I’d say large enough that for any practical use it’s infinite. “A difference that makes no difference is no difference.” Sure it’s limited to 60,000,000 blocks, but since that makes no difference to any players, it’s no different from being infinite.

How they designed Aerna the largest Minecraft Map Project:

The team behind Aerna Minecraft World has spent months of developing time into it. Although all the buildings in the map are not internally detailed view. But still, the hundreds of them need some time to design and right deployed on the map.

Official Message from Developers: 

Welcome! Here is a simple snippet of the creation process of currently one of the largest world-building servers to ever exist in Minecraft. This server’s end goal will be a fantasy world filled with lore, dungeons, languages, cultures and even plansfor quests and a town building aspect. The world is roughly 84 GB and a total of 102,400 blocks across. Not only do we have realistic land formations that draw inspiration from the world we live in but we take into account wind patterns, tectonic plates, and positioning along latitude lines. These and many more aspects give us the credit to say we have the most detailed Minecraft map yet. Here are a few snippets of creating this world.

Also Download:

Server Status:

Server Status of Aerna Map: DOWN

Some more Screenshots of Largest Minecraft Map Projects:

The World of Aerna

The Current largest Minecraft City Greenfield:

One of  Minecraft community is building a huge city named Greenfield. Which has over 400 people already working for over a decade now. This modern city is the real deal for being the current largest Minecraft City.

According to rockpapershotgun, each and every building in the city has a fully detailed interior.

Here is the whole Reddit thread on it.

I’m on a Minecraft Building Team which consists of over 400 builders- this is our progress after 9 years of work from r/nextfuckinglevel

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