Alibaba is acquiring Micromax to promote their Store in India

alibaba and micromax

The China  e-commerce group Alibaba  is too small and their desire to grow is in the spotlight , the next possible investment of the company is acquiring part of Micromax , the Indian mobile phone maker, on behalf of promote e-commerce in the country. Thus the Chinese company would be more present in India and, especially, users would directly integrating their services on mobile phones, which could mean the necessary push to overtake your competition and recurperar positions in e-commerce.Why Micromax aims his gaze? Micromax Informatics Ltd. is a manufacturer of smartphones and originally based in India. Rajesh Agarwal founded it in 1991 , began as a distributor of hardware for brands such as Sony, Dell or HP. In 1999 Sumeet Aurora, Rahul Sharma and Vikas Jain became part of the company, the latter being the one who promoted the idea of testing in the smartphone market.

The Indian manufacturer is not restricted to Android, having also launched several models with Windows Phone (8.1) , the Micromax Canvas W121 Win 6500 rupees (about 90 euros) and W092 Win 9500 rupees (about 132 euros, although the latter left manufactured soon) that compete by price and features with contemporary Lumia, Lumia 535 and Lumia 630.


At present, India is the Asian country’s growth in the third quarter of 2014. If the deal is confirmed, the Alibaba Group will invest 1.2 billion dollars in Micromax (which has a market value of approximately 6 billion dollars), which would help it abound in sectors other than telephony, such as televisions, consumer electronics and computers, which already has products.

Image | Alibaba Group