Alleged photos and video of the Cheaper/ Budget iPhone surfaced online resembles Nokia Lumia phones.

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We have been hearing these news for some time now as Apple is making their first ever budget phone along with the classic iPhone 5S. This cheaper and budget phone will be made up of plastic which will be used extensively in the back cover. A site named Techdy has claimed that they have their hands on this upcoming Apple’s budget smartphone, They have posted some images and a HD video of the device as well.

The best thing among these images and video is that the folks behind the scene has used the current iPhone 5 in side by side comparison of the two devices. Which clearly shows the build quality of this budget iPhone as compared to high crafted and designed iPhone 5. This low-cost iPhone design looks more similar to those Nokia Lumia devices especially the Nokia Lumia 520 and 620. The up-loader didn’t briefed much about the design but in first look you will feel a Nokia Lumia design and material being used in this low-end iPhone. We have seen some colorful covers for this low-cost iPhone a couple of days ago, the covers seems to be completely fit for this design of the iPhone.

The device shown in these images isn’t completely working iPhone, These are the images of the front and back cover of the devices with the main chips board is not seen in these visuals. The Techdy staff has mentioned the use of extensive Poly-carbonate in the making of the cover of the device. However they quickly describe it as a high end designed and finished phone and doesn’t feel cheap phone at all, may be because it is made by Apple. If we compare this housing with the leaked iPhone 5S components it will be found totally different as expected that smaller chips will be used in this budget iPhone.

The surface of the phone as seen in above images is made of the shiny plastic as seen in the most Nokia Lumia devices which use the same material in their different models. The back cover is made up of this plastic which houses the whole body while the screen is used as the front cover.

Nokia Lumia 620
Nokia Lumia 620

However watching all these images if this is the future iPhone budget or low cost phone, than we could expect a new patent war to get start on a new front this time. Apple vs Nokia or in some cases it can drag Microsoft in to the battle field as well. That will be interesting to see what happens in future as this new iPhone design seems to be completely inspired by the Nokia Lumia low-cost phone design. The only difference is that in this plastic iPhone the whole body of the device will be patched inside the back cover and the back cover is for sure non-removable while in Nokia Lumia 620 the back cover is removable.

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Image & Video Source: Techdy

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