Android 5.0 finally embarks on his way to the Moto X 2013


It’s been several months since Motorola started testing Android 5.0 Lollipop on their devices of Moto range, and as a result both the Moto X second generation as the other devices,except for the first Moto X , has been updated .

Now it seems that finally come good news for those users of Moto X 2013 that have been biting their nails for months, because as told in Android Police Motorola finally has begun to take the first steps to upgrade releasing the first tryouts in some devices.

The news has confirmed Luciano Carvalho, Motorola developer in his account of Google+ , which has ensured that some volunteers support forum Motorola are already testing version 5.0.2 of Android in the first Moto X.

Unfortunately, Carvalho has also given the bad news that currently there are no plans to upgrade this device to Android 5.1 , but has promised to tell when a final decision is taken.

Via | Android Police

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