Android Apps an Apt Choice for Highly Riveting Businesses Solutions.


Earlier iOS was the platform that was used for developing apps. However, for a few years now, there has been a prodigious growth in the popularity of android apps. I have observed numerous surveys; all leading to one conclusion – the escalation in the number of android users, which is almost double the number of Apple iOS users. What else I came across, was a rather thought-provoking fact that stated – between March 2012 and March 2013, there was an upsurge in app usage sessions on Google Play by 59% compared to the meager growth of 33% on iOS devices.

Android Development a Riveting Choice for Businesses

Most of you would agree to me, to the fact that every businessman has just one reverie to take his business to a whole new level. And the incessant increase in the usage of android apps has made, Android development a riveting choice for businesses. These apps provides lucrative opportunities, to businesses to expand their reach to million of users.

Android comprises of several striking features, which brings forth copious benefits to businesses. Applications developed using android platform not only simplifies the business operations, but also helps in meritoriously managing the diverse aspects of the business.

When it comes to expanding business via online marketing, the android apps proves to be extremely constructive, as it boasts features that helps vindicate business requirements as per the contemporary market trend.

Benefits that Android App Development Proffers

Are you still muddled whether to take up android development or not? No need to worry! Here’s a list of some benefits that android app development offers. Just go through them once, and you are certainly going to get some help.

Cost-Effectiveness: Cost is one of the most critical factors that cannot be overlooked. Since, android is an open source operating system, thus developers do not need to squander money on attaining the software rights for utilizing this operating system. Henceforth, development companies can save a huge lot of money whilst developing mobile apps with android.

Customization: Another benefit of developing applications with android is the fact that they can be customized to meet the variegated needs and demands of businesses as well as of consumers.

Technological Independence: As android is open source operating system, thus, developers can readily get access to the source code, without the need to develop the entire process from scratch.

Enhanced Features: Android offers the developers with the ability to integrate a lot of features in the applications they create. Hence, businesses can utilize Android as a platform to create those apps, which will provide the users with a lot of features and will be able to create a positive impression on their minds.

Security Reassurance: Android applications allow safer access to source code, which helps software companies to audit the applications, with a reassurance that they are protected.

Reliability: This is one of the main advantages of android, which is a result of the interminable improvements taking place in this operating system that are contributions of developers from across the world.


Advanced Integration: Often you may come across prerequisite to combine several programs, which can be done best utilizing android platform, as it has been envisaged as the best mobile platform for Inter-Application Integration. This is a feature that has drawn many developers worldwide, to try their dexterities on this platform and invent new applications.

Nowadays, smartphones are reigning the marketplace. And thus, for businesses to meet up with tardiest technologies and opting for android mobile application development has become a choice that could help them reach a broader clientele base.

I can effortlessly find a reputed software development company, and so can you. However, you have to remain extremely cautious, while choosing one for your android development project. The reason being, there are also some service providers who do not possess proper knowledge and expertise to develop innovative apps and can wreck your complete project. A better tactic would be to conduct a thorough research on the company to ensure that it has the competency to develop your app.

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Lucie Kruger is an eminent Senior Content Editor and IT consultant for  Mobiers Ltd. a leading Mobile App Development Company. Hear her expert advice about the most popular and profitable mobile apps development solutions.

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