Android KitKat is still better then the Android Lollipop, Here is why.


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Android is the famous operating system for mobile that come up with various versions and delicious name. Android old version was android 4.4 Kitkat introduced in 2013. The latest update shifts the old version to Android 5.0 Lollipop 2014. The new version has brought many changes and ranked up the status of Android but still many users believe that Kitkat 4.4 was better and most polished version. There have been always a lot of debate whenever we see a new version of the operating system with some enormous changes including the whole look and feel of the OS.

There have been a big design shift with the introduction of Android Lollipop 5 from the previous version of the Android  4.4 KitKat. The new Metro Styled icons and themes and much more flat user interface in the latest version might attract some new Android users, but we still believe that the previous Android 4.4 KitKat is still better then the Android Lollipop.

In some cases you might compare any Samsung or LG or Sony device with the previous and the recent features that it has in the operating system, but you won’t find much as these smartphone makers always has that overlay OS user interface on their devices. The main difference between KitKat and Lollipop can be experianced on the stock Android device like the Google’s very own Nexus series smartphone or tablets. Here are the main points that we would like to discuss showing the Android KitKat Superiority over Android Lollipop.

1) Battery Life

The latest update introduces the battery saver that popup on its own. Its project Volta optimizations promises to provide better battery time and will not switch off in the middle of call but no guarantee regarding battery life was promised and these things doesn’t work in actual life. Some android users such as  Nexuses 5, LG G3, GSM Arena all these who updated latest version faced many problems regarding battery drainage issues because it was not supported by the new updates. Updating to latest lollipop battery time drops very quickly. So if you are planning to update the software to lollipop then don’t forget to carry your charger every time.


2) Streamlined Lock Screen

It has been observed that Kitkat lock screen notifications system was smarter and decent enough. As the Android lollipop pop up all the notifications on the top of the screen as the phone is in active use which affects the privacy concerns(although it can be changed through settings option) but  anybody holding your mobile can easily read everything. If you want to maintain privacy issues, less cluster then don’t switch to lollipop

3) Better Multitasking

Multitasking option is available in both Android kitkat and lollipop. The 2D looks of open apps have been changed with 3D rotary style view. In the new update every browser window and any open document appears in extra section which make it overcrowded. This actually results in reducing the memory clearing process.

4) No silent mode

Google new update lollipop has no silent mode shortcut for muting the phone where as in Kitkat pressing power button shows silent mode option. The users can also mute in lollipop but it’s a lengthy and complicated process.

5) Interface Tweaks

Lollipop introduced the revamped navigation buttons and the white apps drawer that is not liked by majority and it requires installing another launcher to edit it.

6) Lock Screen Widgets

The users may stick to Kitkat if they like widgets on the lock screen as the new update lollipop version doesn’t support widgets features.

7) App comparability

The most important issue that stops for adopting lollipop update is its level of compatibility. Google and including many companies are working to update their apps and designs to support lollipop but some small companies are still in process which as a results creates bugs and functioning problems.

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